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Ngayagang Yanba: Aboriginal Knowledges Hub

Ngayagang Yanba (“come with me”) is an invitation to engage with an Aboriginal approach to research and serves as an Aboriginal Knowledges Hub for Yuin Country. The program includes multiple research projects which aim to reconcile Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledges and co-create new, transformative knowledges and pathways for practical application.

Contributing to global challenges

Ngayagang Yanba is a project that emerged from the Blue Futures Global Challenges Keystone Project.

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Aim: To become a global leader in the generation, translation and application of Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing to promote the healing of all Country, in partnership with local communities.

Objectives: To develop relationships across Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge communities in order to generate and apply transformative new knowledges, methodologies and approaches to enhance the sustainability and health of Yuin land, sea and sky Country.

  1. Translational and Applied Interdisciplinary Research,  
  2. Education Transformation,
  3. Knowledge Brokerage,
  4. Data Sovereignty, and
  5. Safeguarding Community and Country

The cultural knowledges and methodologies which underpin Ngayagang Yanba both inform and direct a research approach which focuses on uncovering and building relationships between different forms of knowledge. This approach is increasingly influencing research and engagement within the university, community and industry. It currently guides a growing number of research projects which bring these three sectors together relationally and collaboratively, to enhance impact through application.

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Project breakdowns

Moolwang Ngayagang Yanba was the first pilot project of the Ngayagang Yanba program. This collaboration between the Illawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council (ILALC), the University of Wollongong (UOW) and Southern Cross University aimed to explore how engaging with an Aboriginal approach might inform a values based approach to environmental decision making.

In the project a group of state and local Government officials and councillors, community members and researchers engaged in a 12 week program aimed at exploring the values that underpin our relationships to Lake Illawarra and how they might be better accommodated in decision making processes.

This project is funded by the Australian Research Council and the University of Washington Ocean Nexus program, in partnership with Illawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council (ILALC).

It will explore how Indigenous ontologies might inform ocean governance decision making process, including through ocean law and policy and participatory planning methods.


The Regenerating Country, Regenerating economies project seeks to employ the Ngayagang Yanba program to co-develop an Indigenous-led approach to regenerating Country.

The project is a collaboration between the Illawarra Local Aboriginal Land Council (ILALC), South32 Illawarra Metallurgical Coal, and researchers at the University of Wollongong, University of Sydney and Southern Cross University.

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