We share profile stories and videos of individuals highlighting the innovation and impact of our high-achieving alumni all over the world.


The Wright stuff

Matthew Wright remembers his University of Wollongong graduation ceremony in 1994 with great pride as well as a touch of amusement over dodging a wardrobe malfunction.

Recruiting success

In their first semester studying for a commerce degree at University of Wollongong, Tom Moore and Luke Rix failed accountancy 101.

Window of opportunity in Illawarra Flame House

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a whole house through customs, Lloyd Niccol is your man.

Global correspondent

Lu has worked for major news outlets in Paris, Belfast, London and Sydney.

Striving for inclusivity

Children from Mogo Primary School gather on the University of Wollongong’s Batemans Bay regional campus.

Putting heart into homes

UOW alumni Clayton McDowell and Emily Ryan want to shake-up standard practice in the construction industry. They focus on building homes that are sustainable and fit for all stages of life.

Fighting crime by the numbers

“The work I do is definitely demanding and challenging and can be daunting at times. But at the end of the day it’s intellectually rewarding for me.”

The Google within

Transitioning from the top echelons of a centuries-old global banking institution to the fluid and freewheeling world of Google might be a daunting prospect for some. Not so for Brendan Castle.

Making waves

As an athlete, Jessica Smith overcame her disability to represent Australia at the highest international level.