We share profile stories and videos of individuals highlighting the innovation and impact of our high-achieving alumni all over the world.


Riding the career wave

Luke Madden went from surfing waves at Cronulla beach to becoming one of the youngest CEOs in Australia.

The business of community

When he started his higher education journey in 1987 at the University of Wollongong (UOW), Matt thought he would be standing in front of a classroom teaching the next generation of students.

For the love of sport

Paul Smith was working at a furniture store in Wollongong when he saw an advertisement in the local newspaper that would completely change the course of his life.

Living the career dream

From backpack to briefcase, many of us have felt the fear of stepping into the ‘real world’ once we graduate.

Redefining a career in nursing

Naomi and Anthony took their UOW degrees in very different directions. From educating and preventing HIV in community to a role in disaster education and response with the WHO, these are two careers that redefine nursing. 

UOW graduates living large in New York’s finance bullseye

For more than two centuries New York’s finance district has stood as a symbol of financial power and success.

Chasing calm

Chelsea Pottenger was fighting for her life in a psychiatric hospital when she made the decision to focus on how she wanted to feel. Calm. She moved out of the city, left her corporate career and learned the tools to achieve this feeling. Then she set out to help others feel it too.

Why this UOW graduate quit his dream job

Picture this: You land your dream job shortly after graduating. A job where you can wear thongs to work, get to travel the world and no one gets fired for going surfing. Fast forward nearly 10 years – you decide to move on to something new.

Carving a legal career outside of the courtroom

Currently working with the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet as a principal policy advisor in countering violent extremism, most of Jenna's career has been in disability. About this she says, “I didn't go into disability because I had a disability. I honestly didn’t realise – until after the first cornea transplant – that things were pretty dire.”