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The ones to follow from 2017


UOW alumni are ambitious, creative and connected and they’re gaining quite a following. Here are just a few we like to follow.


The researcher


As a Principal Research Fellow, Associate Professor Robert Gorkin III is passionate about transforming innovative concepts like GELdom (a next generation condom) into commercial reality with a strong focus on social good.


The actress


University of Wollongong graduate turned actress Stef Dawson has starred in Hollywood blockbuster franchise The Hunger Games, the ABC-TV series Cleverman, and is building a successful career in Hollywood.


A post shared by Stef Dawson (@stefdawson) on


A post shared by Stef Dawson (@stefdawson) on


The health guru


Since graduating, Rebecca Gawthorne has established herself as a leading accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist with over 145,000 Instagram followers.


The artist


Indigenous artist Zachary Bennett-Brook applies the classroom-management skills he gained via his degree to the art workshops he runs in local schools. He has also gained international recognition for his art via solo and group exhibitions.


A post shared by @saltwaterdreamtime on


A post shared by @saltwaterdreamtime on


The creatives


Since founding Yours and Owls Festival UOW grads Adam Smith, Ben Tillman and Balunn Jones have branched out and collaborated on numerous large scale creative projects, festivals and shows.


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A post shared by Yours & Owls (@yoursandowls) on

Copy of Josh Butler

The journo


Sydney-based journalist Josh Butler is busy breaking the news and creating headlines as Associate Editor, HuffPost Australia. Keep up to date with the latest headlines via his Twitter feed.

A/Prof Robert Gorkin

Master of Business Administration, 2016 & UOW Associate Professor

Rebecca Gawthorne

Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Honours), 2010

Zachary Bennett-Brook

Bachelor of Physical & Health Education, 2013

Adam Smith, Ben Tillman and Balunn Jones

Bachelor of Commerce (Economics), 2008
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), 2008

Josh Butler

Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Arts (Politics), 2013


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