Issue 1: 2013-2014
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UOW Outlook Magazine

ISSUE 1: 2013 / 2014

It has been over 10 years since UOW produced a dedicated alumni magazine. In planning its relaunch, we not only held onto the title, but also the magazine’s essence of providing an outlook: of melding the outward views of our alumni, academics and leaders to stimulate discourse and debate.

UOW Outlook Magazine showcases the alumni community, with its rich and diverse pool of talent, expertise and voices. 

We hope this magazine inspires in you a feeling of connectedness with your UOW alumni community, and a sense of Wollongong pride.


Global mining CEO's unwavering
commitment to safety
Outlook Mark Cutifani cropped
The question of privacy in our
endless pursuit of visibility
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Women's business
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Humans without boundaries
Outlook Boundaries cropped

The changing face of media
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Students who shine
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This magazine showcases the alumni community, with its rich and diverse pool of talent, expertise and voices.

Vice-Chancellor: Join us on an exciting journey

UOW is on an exciting path, and we hope alumni make the journey with us.

A conversation with Emilio Robles 

His story from immigrating to Australia to becoming Director at a top PR firm.

Alumni helping Australia’s next generation of leaders

How one scholarship recipient is paying it forward.

Opinion: who said that journalism can’t change?

Shawn Burns weighs in on the 'demise of journalism' debate.

Building better lives for people with dementia

What UOW and our partners are doing about this global epidemic.

In the spotlight with Dr Weihua Sun

A high achieving alumnus who believes in the power of collaboration.

Connecting alumni

An update on UOW's ongoing connection with its global alumni community.

The year at UOW

Read UOW's big news from 2013.  

Last reviewed: 21 March, 2016