Alumni to international business students

Mentoring by UOW alumni to support international business students

The program aims to connect eligible GWP900 and COMM391 international students with UOW alumni from leading Australian organisations to act as mentors for our students.

What is International Workplace Practice (GWP900)?

The UOW, Graduate Career Development and Employability Unit (GCDE), runs a subject for Master of Business International students, ‘GWP900 - International Workplace Practice’. The subject is designed by GCDE to meet the employment aspirations of international students to work in Australia. Students complete practical assessment tasks to prepare them for the Australian workplace; with students achieving a score of 74 per cent or higher becoming eligible to participate in two virtual work experience programs through Inside Sherpa with added guidance from an experienced mentor such as yourself.  

What is the Business Internship Program (COMM391)?

The Faculty of Business provides undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in an internship as part of their degree. The core purpose of the program is to offer experiential learning opportunities combined with rigorous reflection on globally responsible business practices and innovation practices in the workplace. Our aim is to provide a pathway for our students to link with industry partners, and for industry to access an undiscovered pipeline of innovative, driven and curious students eager to enter the workforce. The program will also offer students the opportunity to complete a virtual work experience program through Inside Sherpa.

Who is eligible to be a mentor?

This is a UOW alumni to UOW student mentoring program.

  • All mentors would have completed a degree through UOW. It may have been last year, it may have been 30 years ago
  • If you yourself studied as an International student and now work in Australia this would be valuable, but it is not a requirement 

What's involved?

  • The mentoring experience for students will run over an eight week period between July and August 2020
  • We match each mentor with a suitable student mentee based off both parties expression of interest and suitability
  • The mentee and mentor agree on the amount of time you spend together within this eight week period, making it work for both of you, with a minimum of four hours contact in total
  • We ask that you meet with your mentee remotely only (via Skype/Zoom/WebEx or alternative remote platform to assist with their Virtual work experience program/s).

Mentor guidance activities may include:

  • Assisting the student to complete their two Inside Sherpa Virtual Experience Programs. The
    mentees will be participating in programs relevant to your industry experience
  • Students can choose from the following programs
  • Reviewing the mentees resume and cover letter
  • Mock interviews
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Building confidence to find employment opportunities in Australia as an International student
  • Mapping career objectives
  • Understanding key strengths and abilities

What's in it for the mentor?

It is now recognised that modern mentoring can benefit mentors as much as those that they mentor. Such benefits include:

  • Satisfying the natural human desire to share knowledge and experience
  • Achieve satisfaction: for some mentors, having a mentee succeed and eventually become a friend and colleague, is one of their greatest joys
  • Develop your professional network: in making contacts for your mentees, you strengthen your own contacts and make new ones
  • Extend your contribution: the results of good mentoring live after you, as former mentees continue to contribute even after you have moved on
  • Ability to apply new skills learnt through this program in other contexts

What's in it for the mentee?

UOW strives to provide all of its students with the tools they need to succeed in their careers post study. Real world experiences and exposure to industry play a huge role in this success. GWP900 and COMM391 place particular emphasis on assisting International students should they wish to become an active part of the Australian economy by living and working whilst studying and  after graduation. 

Express your interest

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Frequently asked questions

The UOW Alumni International Business Student Mentoring Program requires a minimum of four hours of virtual contact time between mentee and mentor over an eight week period.

When you apply to participate you will be required to provide a brief introduction. This introduction, along with your name, degree/s you have completed at UOW, current business details and a contact email address will be provided to your mentee match. It is your choice if you decide to share more information about yourself throughout your mentoring partnership.

You will be told your mentee's name, degree they're studying and provided with their email address.