Alumni to alumni

What is the UOW Sydney Business School Alumni Mentoring Program?

The University of Wollongong has over 2500 MBA and EMBA graduates worldwide.

These skilled alumni are working in senior level positions for highly respected organisations- but even the most successful careers do not come without their ups and downs.

In late 2019 in partnership with Sydney Business School, UOW Alumni Relations will be piloting the UOW Sydney Business School Alumni Mentoring Program.

The program matches self-nominated mentees with self-nominated mentors to work through these challenges based off their own experiences.

Whether it be the challenge of nailing work/life balance, landing a board position, setting up your own business/consultancy, changing your career direction entirely or even negotiating a promotion- there is someone who has been there in your shoes before (perhaps even a fellow UOW alumnus?).   

 Who is eligible?

  • This is an alumni-to-alumni mentoring program.
  • All mentees and mentors would have completed a MBA or EMBA through UOW. It may have been last year, it may have been 30 years ago.
  • Both the mentee and mentor will self-nominate which role they would like to play in the mentoring program (mentor or mentor).
  • An alumnus is able to express interest in participating in the program as both a mentee AND a mentor.

Note: This program pilot will be open to UOW MBA and EMBA alumni only. Following the roll-out of this pilot we are hoping to offer this opportunity to all Sydney Business School alumni in the near future.

What's involved?

  • It runs over four months.
  • We match self-nominated mentees with a self-nominated mentor.
  • The objective of the program is for the mentee to work through with their mentor the biggest challenge/s or choices they may be facing in their career at this present moment.
  • The mentee and mentor agree on the amount of time you spend together within that period, making it work for both of you, with a minimum of 4 - 8 hours contact in total.
  • It is up to the mentee and mentor as to how they meet- it may be face-to-face, online or a mix of both.
  • You then follow the program agreement together - learning, networking and engaging with each other. 

What's in it for the mentor?

It is now recognised that modern mentoring can benefit mentors as much as those that they mentor. Such benefits include:

  • Satisfying the natural human desire to share knowledge and experience.
  • Achieve satisfaction: for some mentors, having a mentee succeed and eventually become a friend and colleague, is one of their greatest joys.
  • Develop your professional network: in making contacts for your mentees, you strengthen your own contacts and make new ones.
  • Extend your contribution: the results of good mentoring live after you, as former mentees continue to contribute even after you have moved on.
  • Ability to apply new skills learnt through this program in other contexts.

What's in it for the mentee?

No matter how experienced you may be in your career, one can often benefit from working with a mentor as a way of brainstorming and reflecting with a neutral sounding board.

Quite often hearing differing perspectives, lessons learnt and career journeys can assist in stepping outside of your day-to-day thinking, taking stock of where you are at and re-setting those future career goals (and the steps to get there).

Note: Mentors and mentees will be matched based on responses to the expression of interest form. Not all mentees and mentors that express their interest will be matched as we want to provide all program participants with the best possible match. In this pilot phase we are only accepting mentors and mentees who have completed a Master of Business Administration or Executive Master of Business Administration through the University of Wollongong

Express your interest

Expressions of interest are currently closed.

Frequently asked questions

What is the time commitment for the UOW Mentoring program?
UOW Mentoring requires 4-8 hours of contact time between mentee and mentor over a 4 month period.

Will my personal information be shared with my mentee?
When you apply to participate in the UOW Mentoring program you will be required to provide a brief introduction. This introduction, along with your name, degree/s you have completed at UOW, current business details and a contact email address will be provided to your mentee or mentor match. It is your choice if you decide to share more information about yourself throughout your mentoring partnership.

What will I be told about my mentee?
You will be told your mentees or mentors name, year graduated with an MBA/EMBA from UOW and current job position (title and organisation).

Am I required to participate in the orientation?
All mentors and mentees will be offered the opportunity to participate in an orientation session, which will cover responsibilities and expectations for both mentors and mentees. On this day you will also be provided with a participant manual which provides more specific information about the program.