Skills foundry

The UOW Skills Foundry is a series of hands-on, professional development workshops. It is formulated to offer all our alumni - regardless of previous qualification - the opportunity to develop niche skills which will assist in growing and evolving your career.

Developing Your Purpose-Based Future Plan

Discover your life’s purpose with the UOW Skills Foundry Do you believe that everyone has a purpose? Phil Preston presented a half-day intensive program designed to help you to align your business and personal life with your true purpose.


Board room ready - virtual edition

Kylie Hammond, CEO and Founder of Director Institute, ran a half-day intensive program designed to fast-track your board career. This event was suited to mid-career alumni ready to drive their professional pathway forward, and achieve amazing results through a board position.


Build your business 101

Whether you have a new business idea, want to grow an existing business, adapt a business model according to market demand or are looking to develop a side hustle around a hobby - these learning materials could be beneficial for you. Using a hands-on process, apply the Lean Start-Up methodology to build the foundation for your future business.