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Honorary Alumni Chapter

The Honorary Alumni Chapter is a network of alumni who have been awarded either a University Fellowship, an Honorary degree or an Emeritus Professorship from the University of Wollongong. The Chapter meets regularly to discuss and organise ways in which they can support the University through advocacy, projects and activities.

All Honorary alumni are encouraged to attend the Chapter's meetings to contribute new ideas about how to utilise the talents and skills of Honorary alumni for the benefit of the University. 


The Honorary Alumni Chapter is managed by several key people:

  • Chair: Dr Peter Robertson
  • Deputy Chairs: Associate Professor David Vance
  • Secretary: Lynn Woodley

The role of the Committee of Management is to:

  • Plan and carry out a program of activities aimed at achieving the involvement of as many members as possible to achieve the Chapter’s objectives
  • Ensure that Honorary alumni are connected with the life of the University
  • Co-ordinate ceremonial activities so that its members can represent UOW, engage with the UOW community and keep abreast of UOW strategy and developments
  • Report to the Alumni Relations Team in the University's Advancement Division as required from time to time, as required by the Group or the Committee and seek guidance from the Alumni Relations Manager
  • Carry out the provisions of the By-Laws including the elections in a democratic manner.

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Last reviewed: 24 October, 2016