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UOW Mentoring Program

When UOW students stand on the threshold of their career, having someone in their corner to help them find their way can change everything. You could be that someone for a UOW student. Share your experience and success by taking part in the UOW Mentoring Program. The program matches mentors with current UOW students who require a little extra support and are eager to gain insight into the opportunities and challenges of working in your industry.

What's involved
  • It runs over 8 weeks
  • We match you, the experienced mentor, with a current UOW student eager to engage and gain insight into the opportunities and challenges of working in your workplace or industry
  • You and your mentee attend an orientation session where you receive training and the chance to meet and greet
  • You and your mentee agree on the amount of time you spend together within that period, making it work for both of you, with a minimum of 5-6 hours contact
  • You and your mentee agree on a project to work together on throughout the program, either a complete job application or a 12-18 month career action plan
  • Then you follow that agreement together - learning, networking and engaging with each other

What's in it for you

It is now recognised that modern mentoring can benefit mentors as much as those that they mentor. Such benefits include:

  • Satisfying the natural human desire to share knowledge and experience.
  • Achieve satisfaction: for some mentors, having a mentee succeed and eventually become a friend and colleague, is one of their greatest joys.
  • Develop your professional network: in making contacts for your mentees, you strengthen your own contacts and make new ones.
  • Extend your contribution: the results of good mentoring live after you, as former mentees continue to contribute even after you have moved on.

Key Dates

25 February 2019

Applications open

10 March 2019

Applications close

26 March 2019

UOW Mentoring Program Orientation

31 May 2019

Program close


Note: Mentors and mentees will be matched based on responses to the application form. Not all mentors that apply with be matched as we want to provide students with the best possible mentor match. In this phase we are only accepting mentors who live in the Illawarra region.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the time commitment for the UOW Mentoring program?
UOW Mentoring requires 4-5 hours of contact time with your mentee over an eight week period and an hour of face-to-face training. The training will also include the opportunity to meet your mentee.

Will my personal information be shared with my mentee?
When you apply for to participate in the UOW Mentoring program you will be required to provide a brief introduction for your mentee. This introduction, along with your name, degree/s you have completed at UOW, current business details and a contact email address will be provided to your mentor. It is your choice if you decide to share more information about yourself throughout your mentoring partnership.

What will I be told about my mentee?
You will be told your mentees name and the degree they are enrolled in at UOW.

Am I required to participate in the orientation?
Yes, all mentors are required to participate in the orientation session, which will cover responsibilities and expectations for both mentors and mentees. The mentees will also attend the orientation. On this day you will also be provided with a participant manual which provides more specific information about the program.

I have mentored previously

I am a UOW student, where can I apply to have a mentor?
You can sign up on the Careers Central website.