Honorary Awards

Honorary Award Recipients

The University recognises outstanding achievement, exceptional service and significant contribution through the granting of the following honorary awards:

See our 2016 honorary award recipients below and read about their commitment to their field and the University.

 2017 Honorary Doctorate Recipients

Tim Flannery
Tim Flannery

Doctor of Science (honoris causa)
Awarded for his outstanding scholarship as an author and academic, and for his exceptional contributions to environmental science.

Dr David Gruen - small
David Gruen

Doctor of Science (honoris causa)
Awarded for his outstanding scholarship as an author, academic and commentator, his distinguished service to Australian public policy in the field of economics, and for his valued contribution to this University.

Kathy Lette - small
Kathy Lette
Doctor of Letters (honoris causa)
Awarded for her contribution to society as a prodigious writer, tenacious social commentator and health and wellbeing advocate.

Dr Adi Paterson - small
Adi Paterson
Doctor of Science (honoris causa)
Awarded for advancing the field of nuclear science and technology and the positive impact his work in public science investment and practical innovation has had on health, industry and the environment.



 2017 Emeritus Professorship Recipients

Allan Chivas 
Allan Chivas
Emeritus Professorship
Awarded for his distinguished contributions to the fields of Geology and Geochemistry, and his exceptional service and dedication to this University.

Beverly Derewianka 300x150
Beverly Derewianka
Emeritus Professorship
Awarded for her service and dedication to this University, and in recognition of her substantial contributions to the field of literacy research, and literacy curriculum and practice.

Brian Martin 300x150
Brian Martin
Emeritus Professorship
Awarded for his service and dedication to this University and his outstanding contribution to scholarship, activism and advocacy

Professor Gerald Nanson - small
Gerald Nanson

Emeritus Professorship
Awarded for his distinguished contribution to Physical Geography and more specifically, Fluvial Geomorphology and Quaternary Science, and his exceptional service and dedication to this University.

Professor Janice Wright - small
Janice Wright
Emeritus Professorship
Awarded for her sustained and outstanding contribution to the study of gender and social inequality in the field of Education, and more specifically, physical and health education.



 2017 Fellowship Recipients

Ian Brown 300x150
Ian Brown
Fellow of the University
Awarded his contribution to teacher education and the development of innovative education approaches to engage and stimulate children, students and teachers.

Sandra McCarthy 300x150
Sandra McCarthy

Fellow of the University
Awarded for positively influencing community health outcomes by enhancing everyday quality of life and harnessing the power of strong communities and partnerships.

Paul Sharrad 300x150
Paul Sharrad
Fellow of the University
Awarded for his contribution to the strength and reputation of the English literature discipline at UOW, and to the international body of scholarship in the field,

Christine Thompson 300x150

Christine Thompson

Fellow of the University
Awarded for giving her time and energy selflessly to support and develop the University and its students past and present.


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Last reviewed: 19 December, 2017