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Angela Saville - Main Photo

Angela Saville

Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education), UOW 2000

Angela Saville had been working as a teacher for seven years when she decided to combine her love for teaching and fitness to establish Savvy Fitness. 10 years later, it is the most recognisable outdoor health and fitness service in the Illawarra region and one of the largest in Australia.

“When I was a kid, I never knew exactly what I wanted to be, but I knew I loved to run around and play sport, so I knew it would be something in that area,” she recalled.

“While studying PE, I worked in fitness in URAC (University Recreation and Fitness Centre) which gave me the chance to practically apply what I was learning. Throughout my seven years as a teacher, I would draw on much of the content I learnt at UOW and this then transitioned very well into fitness and business.”

Angela Saville - Supporting Photo

Angela preaches positive change through movement and is passionate about fitness and health.

“Improved fitness has the potential to change one’s life for the better. It has so many other benefits in all aspects of people’s lives, such as improved emotional state, reduced stress, and positive state of mind, increased energy and wellbeing.

“By demonstrating how powerful movement can be through member results and leading by example, I hope to cause enough influence that it can inspire more and more people to take the path of incorporating movement into their lives.

“We have witnessed many clients achieve what they thought was impossible and the outcomes associated are so good that, at times, they are hard to believe.

“Through fitness we can do amazing things.”

As a testament to her commitment to fitness and business, Angela has been awarded numerous accolades including 2010 Women in Business, Business Woman of the Year; 2011 Origin Energy Illawarra, Young Business Leader of the Year and 2013 Australian Institute of Personal Trainers – PT Educator of the Year.

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Last reviewed: 15 November, 2017