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Youth Movement

Alexandra Iljadica and Joanna Baker

Bachelor of Science (Nutrition)

Two alumni are reshaping our relationship with food and what we do with the leftovers.

It’s 7pm on a cold Thursday evening. The unmistakeable sound of plastic wheels rattling across concrete fills a quiet street in Glebe as Alexandra Iljadica drags her garbage bin to the join the hundreds already lining the curb.

The contents of those bins isn’t something most of us give much thought. But Alexandra and her friend Joanna Baker certainly have.

“Forty per cent of what we throw into our bins at home is food,” Alexandra says. “We’re throwing out 20 per cent of the food we purchase. That’s like leaving one out of every five shopping bags at the checkout,” Joanna adds.

Alexandra and Joanna are the founders of Youth Food Movement, a national not-for-profit organisation that wants to improve the food literacy of young Australians and the way they engage with food – and with good reason.

Globally, roughly one third of the food produced for human consumption is wasted. Closer to home, Australians throw out $8 billion worth of food every year. That’s four million tonnes per annum of food that ends up in landfill. And one of the biggest culprits: young people aged 18-30.

“I believe we are the supermarket generation,” Joanna says. “We’ve been born into a world where food just magically appears on supermarket shelves. Less value is placed on it and food skills aren’t being passed down from our parents the way it was inherently done in the generation before us.”

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Last reviewed: 18 October, 2016