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Ngarruwan Ngadju

Our vision is to provide Indigenous-led health and wellbeing research, sustained by strong and enduring community partnerships.

Ngarruwan Ngadju is an Indigenous-led health and wellbeing research centre located within the Australian Health Services Research Institute at the University of Wollongong. Our work centres the needs and priorities of First Peoples by undertaking research that is high impact, innovative, strengths-based and beneficial to Community.

Ngarruwan Ngadju from both the Dharrawal and Dhurga languages means ‘the sea across long distances’ (Ngarruwan) and ‘freshwater’ (Ngadju). The words bring together the importance of water for sustaining life. They signify the cultural connectedness between Indigenous communities along the coastal regions of Australia, freshwater communities of inland Australia and across the Pacific.

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High impact, Indigenous-led health and well-being research. Ngarruwan Ngadju's vision


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