Screening & assessment tools

The CHSD has developed a number of screening tools that prompt assessment, referral and broader needs identification. These tools have been implemented in a series of projects, beginning with functional screening and assessment in Home and Community Care and Aged Care Programs.

At the national level, these tools are known as the Australian Community Care Needs Assessment (ACCNA) and the Carer Eligibility and Needs Assessment (CENA). Further developments have taken place in Victoria, South Australia, NSW, Mid-North Coast and Queensland, where the functional screen is part of ongoing needs identification in primary care. The suite of tools is known by different names in different jurisdictions. In Victoria, the tools are known as the Service Coordination Tools Templates (SCTT). In South Australia, it is called the "INI" (Initial Needs Identification). The "ONI" (Ongoing Needs Identification) is the common term used in New South Wales and Queensland. 

The various versions of the tools and their associated reports, guidelines and manuals can be accessed below.

Should you have any questions or queries relating to the use and/or interpretation of these tools please contact the CHSD.

The ACCNA aimed to provide a nationally consistent approach to client assessment at the entry point to services across all community care programs.

The CENA aimed to provide consistent eligibility and needs assessment across the NRCP and also for the assessment of carers in Home and Community Care (HACC) programs.

The downloadable CHSD presentation provides more information about the background to, aims of and the development of the ACCNA and the CENA.

Final reports are available to download:


Copies of the various Queensland tools are available to download:


Further information on the most recent developments of the SCTT in Victoria is available from the Victorian Department of Health website.

South Australia

Previous versions of this suite of tools in South Australia (the INI) are available to download:

New South Wales

Copies of the various NSW tools are available to download:

Mid-North Coast

The Mid-North Coast version of the ONI was prepared for a coordinated care trial in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

This program uses screening tools based on the HACC tools to assess young people with disabilities who are leaving school. Presentations and manuals supporting this tool are available to download: