Announcement - New Direction in Research Partnership

The Centre for Health Research Illawarra Shoalhaven Population (CHRISP) ceased operations on 31 March 2023. The recommended first point of contact for queries is the Research Operations unit for the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District.


Research projects & publications

Early Intervention: Knowledge and resources to improve educational outcomes for students requiring multi agency support for mental health and well-being             

Research team: M Townsend (UOW), L Lago (CHRISP) B Grenyer (UOW), N Pai (ISLHD), D Alcorn (ISLHD), S Moules (CHRISP), B McAlister (ISLHD-CHRISP), K Barr (UOW) 
Aim: To understand how we can intervene more effectively in the school and other settings to support students with mental health difficulties, self-harm or suicidal behaviours sing an evidence-based approach

Health pathway discovery, conformance and enhancement - appendicitis as an archetype

Research Team: S Craig (ISLHD), D Mordaunt (Southern Adelaide Local Health Network), K Davis (ISLHD), P Yu (UOW), N Hitige (UOW), T Song (UOW), B Ashford (ISLHD)
Aim: Apply process mining (which uses machine learning) to clinical data from appendicectomies performed between July 2010 and June 2020 for patients presenting to ISLHD hospitals.

Trend analysis of frequent attenders at Illawarra Shoalhaven Emergency Departments

Research Team: L Lago (CHRISP), T Carrigan (ISLHD), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), F Facci (ISLHD), R Zingel (ISLHD), K Eagar (AHSRI)
Aim: Describe trends in ED attendances among frequent attenders at ISLHD EDs over the last 15 years, and determine whether the patient profile of frequent ED attenders has changed over the last 15 years, e.g. which discrete patient cohorts are increasing.

Trends and patterns in unplanned readmissions to Illawarra Shoalhaven hospitals

Research Team: V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), J Potter (ISLHD), W Yeo (ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP), R Zingel (ISLHD), F Facci (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), K Eagar (AHSRI)
Aim: This project involved analysis of 15 years of ISLHD data to describe trends and patterns in readmissions, with a focus on potentially avoidable hospitalisations.

Assessing end-of-life patterns and quality of care

Research Team: K Eagar (AHSRI), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), G Barclay (ISLHD), Z Nangati (ISLHD), K Cope (ISLHD), J Davis (ISLHD), S Moules (CHRISP), E Davis (CHRISP)
Aim: This project leverages information from multiple routinely collected datasets to assess the need for, access to/ utilisation and quality of palliative and end-of-life care among Illawarra Shoalhaven residents, to inform the planning and delivery of related ISLHD services/ interventions.

Assessment of the uptake of maternal and child health services following comprehensive primary care assessment (SAFE START model): a pilot study

Research Team: J Claridge (ISLHD), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), B Suesse (CHRISP), C Frohmuller (ISLHD), B Atkins (ISLHD), A King (ISLHD), J Budd (ISLHD)
Aim: The aim is to evaluate the implementation of the NSW Maternal & Child Health Primary Health Care Policy and SAFE START model, in terms of referral and uptake rates of women giving birth in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven who have identified risk factors/ vulnerabilities, and identification of related service gaps.

Health Care Use among Patients with Mental Disorders in the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District

Research Team: N Pai (ISLHD), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), B Suesse (CHRISP), J Cuenca (ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP)
Aim: The aim of this study is to identify factors (e.g. sociodemographic, service, diagnostic) associated with increased, and persistently increased, health care use among patients with mental disorders.

Antimicrobial resistance stewardship in residential aged care

Research Team: A van Oijen (UOW), S Miyakis (ISLHD), M Byrne (UOW), J Fish (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), B McAlister (ISLHD-CHRISP), P Newton (ISLHD), S Crawford (ISLHD), S Miellet (UOW)
Aim: To better understand what influences the inappropriate use of antibiotics across the community sectors, as well as the barriers to responsible use of antibiotics by a range of members including consumers, aged care providers and agricultural farmers.

The Health Impacts Research Cluster – Chronic Kidney Disease Study (HIRC-CKD)

Research Team: H Hassan (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), T Suesse (UOW), K Murali (ISLHD), A Lee (ISLHD)
Aim: The aim of this project is to explore factors that may be associated with development, progression and hospitalisation of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in ISLHD residents.

Evaluation of a Suicide Prevention Aftercare Service

Research Team: V Bliokas (UOW), R Sng (Grand Pacific Health), A Hains (ISLHD), T Heffernan (UOW), L Lago (CHRISP), B Grenyer (UOW),  J Carter (ISLHD), F Deane (UOW), S Moules (CHRISP), B McAlister (ISLHD-CHRISP), S Liddle (Grand Pacific Health)
Aim: This project will evaluate the outcomes of the new community-based suicide prevention service.
A joint initiative of ISLHD, COORDINARE, UOW, Beyond Blue and Grand Pacific Health

The development of an alcohol management pathway utilising the existing Electronic Medical Records (eMR) to effectively manage patients with alcohol problems and improve the referral to specialist Drug and Alcohol Service

Research Team: P Yu (UOW), W Yeo (ISLHD), D Reid (ISLHD), X Feng (UOW), B Sinclair (ISLHD), S Bresnahan (ISLHD), P Lynch (ISLHD), M Irani (ISLHD), S Qian (UOW)
Aim: 1) What is the current journey of the patients with alcohol-related morbidity in ISLHD?
2) Will the inclusion of this evidence-based alcohol pathway into the eMR system effectively improve the referral of patients from ED and inpatient wards to the specialist D&A Service and reduce patient readmission to the ED and wards?

Increasing the capacity of a Local Health District to respond to methamphetamine-related harm: Developing an integrated model of care informed by linked data, and consumer and clinician views

Research Team: B Larance (UOW), S Adams (ISLHD), D Reid (ISLHD), P Kelly (UOW), L Lago (CHRISP), J Lappin (UNSW), L Robinson (UOW), S Moules (CHRISP), S Qian (ISLHD)
Aim: The over-arching study aims are: 1) To understand the prevalence and pattern of help-seeking for methamphetamine-related problems in ISLHD hospital and ED settings; 2) To detail the proportion of individuals presenting to ISLHD hospital and ED settings with methamphetamine-related harms who a) are referred to AOD services, and b) who attend AOD services following a referral from ED or inpatient hospital settings; 3) To understand the individual and clinical barriers to help-seeking and delivery of care for methamphetamine-related harms; 4) To develop a clinical framework for the future management of methamphetamine use in individuals who present to (non-AOD) ISLHD services.

Understanding regional variation in post-diagnostic outpatient and community health service use among people with dementia to inform health services planning

Research Team: L Lago (CHRISP), L Phillipson (UOW), J Potter (ISLHD), K Cappetta (UOW), L Yates (ISLHD), L Smith (UOW), K Eagar (UOW), E Davidson (ISLHD), S Moules (CHRISP)
Aim: to provide high quality, translatable evidence on the use of public outpatient and community health services by people living with dementia within the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD).

Exploratory study: Prevalence and responses to self-harm and suicidal ideation in primary school aged children

Research Team: M Townsend (UOW), P Kelly (UOW), C Miller (UOW/ISLHD), G Sanzone (ISLHD)
Aim: To 1) Estimate the prevalence of young people aged 5-17 in contact with ISLHD health services for self-harm or suicidal ideation, and 2) Understand care pathways and management of young people with health service contacts for self-harm or suicidal ideation

Hospital utilisation among patients with end-stage kidney disease on non-dialysis pathway before and after the commencement of renal supportive care services in ISLHD

Research Team: J Chen (ISLHD), H Mitchell (ISLHD), N Illic (ISLHD)
Aim: To determine whether renal supportive care service reduce hospital utilisation rates in patients with CKD and ESKD on a non-dialysis, conservative pathway. Project 1 examines hospital utilisation of CKD and ESKD patients known to renal supportive care service before and after referral to the service. Project 2 compares hospital utilisation of patients with ESKD on non-dialysis, conservative pathway known to renal supportive care service and matched control group not known to renal.

The prevalence of hospitalisations resulting from side effects associated with oral anticoagulants (Masters project)

Research Team: K Watts (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), L Lago (CHRISP), M Jordan (ISLHD), L Villalba (ISLHD)

Subacute bed demand and supply in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven Local Health District

Research Team: L Lago (CHRISP), G Murray (ISLHD), K Eagar (AHSRI), G Duck (ISLHD), N De Wit (ISLHD), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP)

Peritonitis as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular events in the peritoneal dialysis population

Research Team: H Hassan (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), M Lonergan (ISLHD)

The role of private health insurance in supporting the care needs of people with chronic illness’ (PhD Project)

Research Team: J Khoo (AHSRI), K Eagar (AHSRI), H Hasan (AHSRI)

Quick Sepsis related organ failure assessment compared to systemic inflammatory response syndrome for the recognition of Sepsis in the ED ’ (Medical Student Project)

Research Team: A Pearce (ISLHD-UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), L Lago (CHRISP), W Triner (ISLHD)

Medication-misadventures resulting in admissions to the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local health District between 2011-2016, for people living with and without dementia (Masters Project)

Research Team: L Mohanan (UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), J Potter (ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP), M Jordan (ISLHD), P Burns (UOW)

An evaluation of a strategy designed to increase awareness about High Risk Medicines & its impact: on knowledge; awareness among healthcare providers; & on reported outcomes

Research Team: M Jordan (ISLHD), S Bond (ISLHD), K Watts (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP)

Recovery Camp: Evaluation of recovery camp on hospital presentations and admissions for mental health clients

Research Team: L Moxham (UOW), C Patterson (UOW), D Perlman (UOW), E Taylor (UOW), R Brighton (UOW), L Molly (UOW), N Cutler (UOW), B Hayes (ISLHD), E Barry (ISLHD), B McAlister (ISLHD-CHRISP)

The cost of BMI on procedural time - A quality improvement study assessing the impact of BMI on procedural times & relative cost in select non-urgent surgical procedures over a 12 month period

Research Team: L Freckelton (ISLHD), N Smith (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), V Westley-Wise (CHRISP-ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP), J Mullan (CHRISP)

Supplementary Evaluation of the Acute Rehabilitation Team (ART) Intervention

Research Team: A Shahzad (ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP), G Murray (ISLHD), N Evry (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), J Potter (ISLHD), I Davidson (ISLHD)

Renal Resistive Index in assessment of risk and progression of chronic kidney disease

Research Team: S Davis (ISLHD), K Murali (ISLHD), D Huber (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW)

Exploring adverse medication events resulting in presentations and/or admissions to ISLHD facilities over the last 10 years (Public Health Student Project)

Research Team: K Watts (UOW), S Davies (UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), P Burns (CHRISP), M Lonergan (ISLHD)

Antimicrobial Resistance Global Challenges: the evolving threat and impact to the Illawarra Shoalhaven population

Research Team: S Miyakis (ISLHD), A van Oijen (UOW), M Byrne (UOW), J Fish (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), B McAlister (ISLHD-CHRISP), P Newton (ISLHD), S Crawford (ISLHD), S Miellet (UOW)

Hospital outcomes in current smokers with presentations of adult community-acquired pneumonia

Research Team: M Rennie (ISLHD), V Abraham (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW)

To what extent do ISLHD admissions from the ED in 2016 include patients admitted in non-emergency situations?

Research Team: K Anderson (ISLHD), P Brown (ISLHD), S Fitzpatrick (ISLHD), A Smith (ISLHD), P Orr (ISLHD)

Cannabis-related hyperemesis during pregnancy: A scoping study

Research Team: S Sneddon (ISLHD), D Reid (ISLHD), J Pados (ISLHD), D Brown (ISLHD)

Investigating the possible link between Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) misadventures & Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) development (Honours Project)

Research Team: A Mooyman (UOW), J Mullan (CHRISP), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), P Burns (UOW), L Lago (CHRISP), M Lonergan (ISLHD)

Healthcare interpreter utilisation: implications for clinical outcomes and costs (Masters Project)

Research Team: D Morris (AHSRI), L Vellar (ISLHD), F Mastroianni (ISLHD), J Krizanac (ISLHD), K Lambert (CHRISP-UOW), L Lago (CHRISP), J Mullan (CHRISP)

Changing the trajectory towards disease - A pre-interventional matched cohort study of the children of gestational diabetic pregnancies

Research Team: I Wright (ISLHD), B Moses (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), D Schoenaker (UOW)
Aim: To define both established and novel cardio-metabolic differences in the offspring of gestational diabetic pregnancies, at mid-childhood to adolescence and to identify the age at which changes can be seen and the role of gender in these changes. 

Comorbidity of serious mental illness and type 2 Diabetes - Do neighbourhoods matter?

Research Team: R Walsan (UOW), A Bonney (UOW), N Pai (ISLHD), D Mayne (ISLHD), X Feng (UOW)


Exploring the effectiveness of insulin therapy in preventing maternal and neonatal adverse outcomes in women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) (PhD project)

Research team: B Bastian (ISLHD), M Francois (UOW), L Smithers (UOW), B McAlister (ISLHD-CHRISP)

Presentations, characteristics of and service delivery for women who presented to the Emergency Department with early pregnancy bleeding in Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District. A 10 year retrospective study (PhD project)               

Research team: B Trostian (ISLHD), K Curtis (ISLHD), A McCloughen (ISLHD), L Lago (CHRISP)


Improving the evidence base for effective suicide prevention using administrative health data by combining innovative statistical methods with clinical insight (PhD project)

Research Team: S Bird (UOW), K  Eagar (AHSRI), L Lago (CHRISP), N Pai (ISLHD)

The effect of the nursing practice environment on patient outcomes (PhD project)

Research team: J Sim (UOW and University of Newcastle), L Lago (CHRISP), T Al-ghraiybah (UOW)

Examining service utilisation and the impact of Dementia identification on patient outcomes: a longitudinal analysis of hospitalisation guided by a collaborative process to promote knowledge translation (PhD project)

Research Team: K Cappetta (AHSRI), L Phillipson (AHSRI), L Lago (CHRISP), K Eagar (AHSRI), J Potter (ISLHD), M Coyle (ISLHD)

The relationship between cognitive function and treatment adherence in patients with chronic kidney disease-potential causes, impact on outcomes and trial of improvement strategies (PhD project)

Research Team: K Murali (ISLHD), J Mullan (CHRISP), S Roodenrys (UOW), M Lonergan (ISLHD)

EOL cancer care health service utilisation among patients in the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District: Does geographic variation play a role? (PhD project)

Research Team: J Cerni (UOW), A/Prof. Joel Rhee (UOW), H Hosseinzadel (UOW), Dr Greg Barclay (ISLHD), Dr Lorraine Chantrill (ISLHD), S Moules (CHRISP)

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