UOW Living IT Services


Please see the table below for a list of what IT services are available in your residence:

  UOW Wi-Fi UOW Ethernet UOW Computer Lab In Room Phone
Bangalay Yes Yes No No
Campus East Yes Yes Yes No
Graduate House Yes No No No
International House Yes Yes Yes No
Keiraview Common areas only Yes Yes Yes
Kooloobong Village B68 Yes Yes No Yes
Kooloobong Village B37 Yes Yes No No
Marketview Yes Yes No Yes
The Manor No Yes No Yes
Weerona Yes Yes Yes No

For help and support with IT services in residence, please refer the links below.

IT Links/Information

Troubleshooting your internet connection


  • Make sure you the network you are trying to connect to is called “UOW”
  • The username and password it will ask for is your SOLS login details
  • “Forget” the wireless network, reboot your device and try again

UOW Wired

  • Make sure your in room phone is plugged in and working correctly and your Ethernet cable is plugged into the back of the phone (if there is no phone plug it directly in port A)
  • Download and install the BorderAuth app from https://apps.uow.edu.au/ (available for Windows 8 & 10 and Mac) and enter your login details
  • If you can’t download the app, visit the IMTS homepage, select “Border Auth” and then fill in the form.
Last reviewed: 16 October, 2017