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Accommodation Bursaries

Up to 38% off your accommodation 

If you're choosing to study with UOW for the first time in 2019 and apply to live in UOW accommodation, you could be awarded $5,000 towards the cost of your first year in UOW accommodation. This includes new students applying through the UOW Early Admission program, as well as high school leavers applying through UAC offer rounds.

Value: $5,000 (equal to a discount of up to 38%, depending on residence and room type)
Duration: One (1) year
Level of enrolment: First year in 2019
Year of bursary: 2019

The bursary comes in the form of a $5,000 payment made toward the cost of your first year of accommodation in a UOW student residence.

Living in a UOW residence means you become part of an instant community when you arrive in Wollongong. You’ll make new friends before you start your classes and have access to all the services and support you need to be happy and succeed at uni.

Less worry about rent, means more time for study, friends and enjoying life in the 'Gong.


To qualify for the bursary, you need to:

  • make your preferred UOW course your first preference with UAC, and
  • apply for UOW accommodation and pay the $26 application fee.

Preference will be given to students who plan to relocate to Wollongong from rural and regional areas, but other applicants may also be considered. Bursaries are limited and will be awarded to those who apply for accommodation first - so be sure to submit your application now.

How to apply

Your first step is to ensure that your preferred UOW course is your first preference in UAC. 

The next step is to submit your application for UOW accommodation, along with the application payment. You should complete your accommodation application as early as possible, as some residences are very popular. Applications for residences are managed on a 'first come, first served' basis, so the earlier you apply the better chance you have of receiving your first preference.

Apply for UOW accommodation »

Offers and acceptance

Once you receive your UAC offer we will also send you an offer of accommodation and a bursary. You need to accept your accommodation and bursary offer, and pay a $500 deposit to secure your place. The deposit is a residential pre-payment fee, and counts towards the cost of your accommodation in 2019.

If you are a successful Early Admission candidate you'll receive your UAC offer on November 15, and will also receive your accommodation and bursary offer. You have until 25 November to accept your Bursary offer and pay your deposit. 

If you're applying to UOW in other UAC rounds, you'll have three days to accept your accommodation and bursary offer, and pay your deposit.

Once this is done, the bursary will automatically be applied in Spring Session 2019. You need to remain enrolled in a UOW course and living in a UOW residence for both Autumn and Spring session for the bursary to be applied.

Which residence is right for you?

With seven different accommodation options located on or near campus, or in central Wollongong, you’re sure to find the place that’s right for you. Visit Live On Campus to choose your where you will live in 2019.


Last reviewed: 11 February, 2019