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Accommodation Services - Central Office Staff

  • Nigel Pennington – Director
  • Edwina Ellicott – Marketing and Occupancy Manager
  • Bob Pearce – Business Manager
  • Sharon Peaston – Admissions Officer
  • Ben Lowther – IT Manager/Systems Administrator
  • Rebekah Murray-Smith – Housing Services Coordinator
  • Sandhya Subramanian - Marketing and Conference Officer
  • Kelly Jones – Director’s Assistant
  • Olivia Ng – Administration Assistant/Accounts
  • Stana Pupovac – Administration Assistant/Accounts

International House, Kooloobong Village, and The Manor


  • Tony Coggins - Student Residence Manager; Kooloobong Village, International House, and The Manor
  • Fiore Costa - Deputy Student Resident Manager; International House and The Manor
  • Jodie Lawer - Deputy Student Residence Manager; Kooloobong Village

Supporting Fiore and Jodie are the following teams:


  • Kerryn Rayner – Administrative Assistant
  • Patricia Garde – Administrative Assistant
  • Kim Morland – Administrative Assistant
  • Holly Emmerson - Administrative Assistant


A unique aspect of residence living at International House is the strong involvement from residents in the International House management. This is done through the Student Leadership team, which provide peer support through their roles as Resident Life Coordinators, Resident Program Coordinators, Mentors, Student Development Assistants, Information Technology Assistants and Office Assistants.


  • Leanne Robinson - Student Residence Manager  


  • Tiffany Bett - Administrative Assistant
  • Sandy-Lee Riley - Administrative Assistant
  • Viktoria Michel - Administrative Assistant
  • Trina Smith - Administrative Assistant


Leanne is supported by committed and professional staff. The student support team at Weerona consists of Senior Residents (SR) and Student Development Assistants (SDAs). There is always a SR on duty and their role is to provide support and pastoral care to residents on their floor and assist the Student Residence Manager. The SDAs assist in fields of Academic and Community Support, Sports, Social and Cultural Development and offer varied programs and events for all residents.

Marketview, Keiraview, Graduate House and Bangalay

  • Mary Sparks - Student Residence Manager 
  • Rachael Phillips - Assistant Student Resident Manager 


  • Adriana Michel - Administrative Assistant
  • Robert Collins - Night Duty Officer
  • Eleanor Smith - Administrative Assistant

Campus East

  • Keith Conley - Student Residence Manager 
  • Robert Fembock - Deputy Student Residence Manager
  • Thidarat Thongdang - Assistant Student Resident Manager (Acting)


  • Nicole Richards - Administrative Assistant
  • Kareena Rixon - Administrative Assistant 

Catering Staff

All catering at UOW Living is managed by contract catering company, Scolarest, a member of the Compass group of companies. Scolarest is committed to providing a quality food service to residents. The menus provide a balance of nutritionally balanced blend of restaurant style home cooked meals made from the five food groups with emphasis on increased consumption of fibre, fresh fruit and vegetables. Scolarest are able to cater for a range of dietary requirements.

Last reviewed: 31 August, 2017