Paying your account


Paying your account and helpful financial information

This is an overview of useful information regarding your accommodation account, billing, and how to pay for your accommodation fees. Your account will be billed on a fortnightly basis (Weekly Rate x 2). For more information about your weekly rate please see the 2019 Schedule of Fees.

To ensure your account is always up to date, please ensure your fortnightly payment schedule is for two weeks to cover the fortnightly charges.

Your contract dates are:

43 weeks: 10 February 2019 to 8 December 2019
44 weeks: 3 February to 8 December 2019
52 weeks: 3 February 2019 to 2 February 2020
22 weeks (Study Abroad only Session 1): 3 February to 7 July 2019
22 weeks (Study Abroad only Session 2): 7 July to 8 December 2019
30 weeks (Session 2): 7 July 2019 to 2 February 2020

Residents are responsible for fees from the start to the end of your applicable contract period which will be outlined in your letter of offer.

Payment methods

Here at UOW Living, we have two preferred payment methods. These are Upfront payment and Regular scheduled fortnightly payments.

Payments in full

To ensure your stay with us is made as easy as possible for you, we do prefer and recommend your account be paid in full by 31 January 2018, where possible. 

If paying your account in full:

  • Pay online through the Accommodation portal
  • Visit us at Student Central, Building 17, Counter 9 or  your reception at your residence.
  • By bank cheque/draft & mail to:

Accommodation Services
University of Wollongong
PO Box U279
Northfields Ave
Wollongong, 2500

Regular scheduled payments

From February 2019 we are implementing a new, simpler payment system called scheduled payments which will allow you to pay your UOW Accommodation account online via regular scheduled payments from a Mastercard or VISA debit or credit card. This will replace our previous direct debit payment option, eliminating the need to complete and submit paper forms. You will simply need to log into the accommodation web portal to set up the payments from your card.

If you are concerned about card payment charges with the new payment system, don’t be. The University will not be passing any credit or debit card transaction charges on to our residents.
Residents will be able to access the new payment system to view their account and see the fortnightly fees applied to their account. This will enable residents to see what payments are required to keep their account up to date.

You can still pay your accommodation fees up front or in lump sum payments. These payments will simply put your account in credit until the fortnightly fees are applied. 

Alternate Payment Plan

If you are experiencing difficulties (financial or otherwise) and you wish to pay your account by another means known as an Alternate Payment Plan (APP) please email the Finance Team.

It is important to address your problem as soon as possible. If you apply for an APP (payment in instalments), please ensure that your account is paid in a regular fortnightly, monthly or lump sum payments. Final payment must be received by a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the contract end.

Final Payment

Final payment date for all payment methods will be due:

  • 43 Weeks Contract: 24 November 2019
  • 44 Weeks Contract: 24 November 2019
  • 52 Weeks Contract: 19 January 2020

***Study Abroad Session 1/2019: 23 June 2019

**Study Abroad Session 2/2019: 24 November 2019

***30 Weeks Contract: 19 January 2020


Under the Australian Privacy Act, UOW is not permitted to disclose your personal information to family members or any other third parties unless you have provided us with written consent or there is a lawful reason for UOW to provide your information to others. 

If your parents or another third party will be responsible for the payment of your account, you remain responsible for forwarding details of your account to them. This should be done early so that payment due dates are not missed. 

Budgeting and financial advice

To avoid any financial hardship, it is essential that you commit to a budget and stick to it. University can be stressful enough without having issues in relation to the payment of your bills. If you need further advice regarding financial matters you can contact the free on campus Financial Counselling Services offered by Mission Australia.

More information about what information and services that are available on campus can be found here:


Unless advised prior to processing of a refund of any fees, the monies will be returned to the credit card from which the accommodation fees were paid.

Any request to alter the details of a refund would need to be in writing and prior to the notification of refund. Please contact the Finance Teamteam for more information.

Compulsory fees explained

There are two types of compulsory fees payable.

  1. Residential Fee (Weekly Room Rate)
  2. Ancillary Fees 

Ancillary Fees

Ancillary fees are charged to your account once per calendar year. These fees are covered by the Acceptance/Residential Pre-Payment and should not be included in:

  • Payment in full; or
  • Regular scheduled payments;

The fees include: 


All residential students are covered under a Residential Students Insurance Policy. 

An Insurance Declaration Form is supplied at arrival to your residence.  To be eligible to be covered by insurance you must

  • complete and return to your office staff within seven (7) days of your arrival
  • provide any updates to your items when required i.e. you purchase a new laptop. 

Your obligations under this policy include:

  • taking all reasonable precautions to prevent further loss, damage or liability
  • notify the police immediately
  • notify the staff at your office - the staff will provide the forms that need to be completed to claim any losses

For any more information please see the staff in your residence. 

If you need to make a claim on insurance, please use this form and submit it to your residence office:

Service and Infrastructure

Ensuring that all residences are maintained to an acceptable standard services and infrastructure are maintained this fee is paid to maintain areas that are used in a communal sense and are necessary for the benefit of the entire community. 

Community Activity Fund

All residences provide events and activities during the contract period. This fee goes to the contribution of establishing and ongoing costs associated with activities within the residence including but not limited to:

  • ResPASS
  • Live Out Loud
  • Fitness Classes
  • Academic information sessions
  • iLive
  • Positive Living 

Additional fees 

Application Fee

An application fee is paid upon submitting an application for accommodation.  It is payable once only per year of application.  If you have any questions about the application fee please contact the Admissions Team at +61 2 4221 5656

Acceptance/Residential Pre-Payment Fee

When you are offered accommodation you will be required to pay an acceptance fee, the Residential Fee Pre-Payment to secure your accommodation.  This fee is applied to your account and appears as an Residential Fee Pre-Payment on your first statement as a credit. This fee is not a deposit and is not refundable when your agreement ends.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I am going to have problems paying my account?

The moment you are aware of this, you need to contact us to discuss your situation. This should be done via email to our Finance Team. A meeting may be required to gather further information and discuss a payment plan.  

What happens if I want to pay upfront but can’t pay by the deadline?

What happens if I fall behind in my payments?

If you have not made acceptable arrangements with us, the University has a number of options available, as outlined in the Student Resident Handbook. These include, but are not limited to

  • applying a $200 late payment fee
  • cancellation of future payments terms with all future payments required in advance
  • preventing you access to your room/unit
  • the withholding of your academic results and
  • being referred to a credit agency for debt collection, resulting in additional charges and potentially impacting upon your credit rating. 

If you are expecting funds from a scholarship or trust fund but cannot meet the due date deadline for payment in full please email our Finance Team.

How can I check how much I owe for my accommodation account?

Contact the Finance Team for any information regarding the balance of your account.

What if I have forgotten my Portal ID and PIN?

Contact the staff at your residence or email us to recover your login details.

How do I obtain a tax invoice or tax statement?

Contact the staff at your residence or visit us in Student Central (Building 17). Our staff can provide you with a copy of your statement or make arrangements for it to be emailed to you. 

Who do I contact when I have a question in relation to my statement?

Please email the Finance Team for more information on your account statement. 

Contact details

Finance team - Accommodation Services

Phone: +61 2 4221 5002

Bangalay and Graduate House

Phone +61 2 4221 5556
Reception Email:

Campus East

Phone +61 2 4221 3351
Reception Email:

International House 

Phone +61 2 4221 5252
Reception Email:

Kooloobong Village

Phone +61 2 4221 4770
Reception Email:


Phone +61 2 4252 8242
Reception Email:


Phone: +61 2 4221 5240
Reception Email:



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