Accommodation agreement

Students who receive an offer for residency must accept the University’s Accommodation Agreement, prior to taking up residency at UOW Living. UOW Living agreement is a legally binding document and under this agreement you do not have:

  • the rights that a tenant might under the terms of a residential lease in an off campus property
  • any legal interest or ownership of your room, flat, furnishings or any other part of UOW Living

What is expected of you at UOW Living?

UOW Living is a unique community within the University and larger community of the Illawarra. There are many people in residence from a broad cross-section of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. It is expected that all residents will conduct themselves in a mature manner which is considerate of others living at any of the UOW Living residences. We encourage behaviour which demonstrates:

  • a commitment to higher education,
  • a willingness to participate in the life of the college
  • an involvement in community engagement.

All rules and expectations outlined in the Residence Handbook are for the benefit of all UOW Living residents therefore any breach of these terms and conditions will be subject to disciplinary measures. A consequence of this may be for your Accommodation Agreement to be terminated and your subsequent eviction from UOW Living. You may be asked to leave UOW Living if you or your guest/visitor:

  • Breaks any of the rules outlined in the Residence Handbook 
  • Disregards by act or omission any of the rules and regulations contained in the Residence Handbook
  • Through act or omission place the lives of themselves or others at risk
  • Cause damage to themselves, the person or property of another or maliciously damages the furniture, effects or property of the University
  • Commit an act of violence upon themselves or another person
  • Misuse any fire equipment. (This includes fire doors, fire blankets, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, fire alarms and smoke/thermal detectors.)
  • Indulge in behaviour deemed by the Student Residence Manager to be grossly unacceptable. It is expected that all residents will conduct themselves in a mature and adult-like manner whilst living in the Residence
  • Gain illegal entry to another Resident’s room
  • Commit an act of sexual harassment, racial vilification, homosexual vilification or HIV/AIDS vilification.
  • Has failed to pay fees and charges as outlined in the payment schedule
  • Break any laws or contravenes any regulation contained in the Crimes Act (State and Federal), Fire Regulations, Council Ordinances, Local and Federal Government Building Codes and/or Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
  • Consume, supplies or distributes any illegal substances or prescription substances 
  • Reaches a total of seven (7) demerit points under the Student Conduct in Residences Policy

Student conduct

The University has defined Rules, Codes, Policies and Procedures governing acceptable and unacceptable conduct of students during their studies at the University, and students who are members of UOW Living residential communities. All students must review the contents of these policies to ensure they understand the rules that govern their time at University, and UOW Living.

Checking into your residence

You are welcome to move into your new residence from the date specified in your letter of offer/Accommodation Agreement. If you wish to move in earlier, please ensure to contact your residence at least two weeks prior to your intended arrival.
Please note the check in time is 2pm. If you wish to arrive earlier than the date specified in your UOW Living Agreement, please contact your place of residence to arrange approval.

Room allocations and changes

Whilst residents may express a preference for a particular room or unit, actual allocations are made at the discretion of the relevant Student Residence Manager.  In allocating rooms to individual residents, the Student Residence Manager takes into consideration many factors, including resident preferences, while attempting to provide a diverse cultural environment. Room and inter-residence transfers are considered on a case by case basis. If you wish to apply change your room or residence during the year, you can complete an Application to Transfer Request form, available from your Residence Administration office and also at Student Central - Accommodation Services (take a ticket for Accommodation Services). Changes are subject to availability and approval by the Student Residence Manager. Please note charges apply.

UOW Living reserves the right to consolidate units (for example: merge two units within both of which there are vacant rooms to make a fully occupied unit) in order to reduce cleaning costs, enhance safety and security, and reserve or retain complete units for guests or emergencies. This means some residents may be reassigned to a new room. Whilst this process may be applied at any time, it is more likely to occur during the Summer Session.

Room inventory

A room/unit condition report will be issued on arrival. You must:

  • complete the form
  • report any maintenance issues immediately via the online maintenance system.
  • return the completed form to your residence within seven (7) days of your arrival

When you vacate your room/unit, a room inspection will be completed. If there is any damage or items missing from your room, an audit will be conducted on the original room condition report that was completed on arrival. For example, if a hole in the wall was evident on arrival and was not reported on the condition report and a maintenance issue logged, costs will be charged to your account. Additionally, the room must be left as you found it and you will be charged for refitting door closers, fly screens, putting beds back together, or reversing any other alterations made to the condition of your room. 

Identity verification

When you check-in at your UOW Living Residence, you will be asked to verify your identity by producing photo identification (such as an Australian Drivers’ Licence or Australia/International Passport). You will also be asked to have your photograph taken. This image will be stored electronically to assist in:

  • verifying your identity if you become locked out of your room/ unit without identification,
  • when purchasing tickets/entry to “resident only” events,
  • to assist staff in identifying persons who may have been involved in breaches of residential community standards.

There may be times where, for the maintenance of good order or security, you may be asked to demonstrate, by producing photo identification, that you are a current UOW Living resident. 

Room keys, cards, and flexi-choice cards

You will be asked to sign a register for all keys and cards issued by UOW Living. Charges apply for lost or stolen keys and/or cards. Charges apply for lost or stolen keys and/or cards. Please note for the safety and security of your residence any lost key should be reported immediately to your residence office. This will allow the office to cancel the lost key, arrange for a replacement key/card, and prevent any unauthorised access to the residence and your unit/room.

Last reviewed: 3 September, 2018