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Weerona was officially opened in 1990, and is now home to 204 residents from all over the world. The college aims to provide an atmosphere that is not only conducive to study but also to social and personal development.

Weerona is fully catered and is a short distance from the University Campus, the beach and Wollongong City. It is located next door to Beaton Park, a large sporting complex with an indoor pool, gymnasium, tennis courts and running track. Many students ride their bikes to campus and some choose to walk. Students can also use the regular university shuttle bus.

Culture and style of Weerona

Weerona offers a strong community culture with a vibrant social and sporting program for residents while also providing strong academic support. The interests and social interaction of residents from differing cultures is strongly encouraged. Residents are from all over the world and Weerona is an ideal place for 1st years or other students who want fully catered accommodation. Many students choose to stay at Weerona for several years.

There is a wide mix of students at Weerona, including undergraduate and postgraduate, domestic and international as well as study abroad students. Each year there are approximately 60 international residents adding to the diversity of the community.

Weerona is for individual students only and does not accommodate families and children.


Weerona is a fully catered residence, where 19 meals a week (all meals excluding weekend lunches) are provided. Any special dietary requirements or cultural tastes can be taken care of by the kitchen staff. The dining room is open for breakfast and dinner and outside set meal times, students can prepare snacks in the kitchenettes which are located throughout the residence.

Activities and social events

A wide range of social, academic and cultural events are held at Weerona, including football, soccer and netball matches, Masquerade Balls, performance nights, Sunday BBQs, drumming lessons, tutorials and study support groups. Student Development Assistants (SDAs) assist in fields of academic and community support, sports, social and cultural development and offer varied programs and events for all residents.  








2km to the main campus
Catered (19 meals per week)
Furnished rooms with unisex shared bathrooms/private cubicles
All rooms have wifi access in 2018
44 week contract in 2018