About Your International House Room

Housing 222 residents, International House consists of mainly single dormitory style rooms, with several shared rooms also available. Students share unisex bathroom facilities with private cubicles. Rooms are furnished with single beds, desks, chairs, wardrobes, book shelves and phone connections. Internet is available in rooms and wifi is available in common areas.

International House has one room suitable for wheelchair access. It is recommended that incoming students have a tour of the residence and discuss their particular needs with our staff well in advance of university commencing. To organise a tour, please contact Disability Services who will organise for a Disability Officer to assist with the tour and help identify the most suitable accommodation.

International House Shared
Shared Room (2 Beds)
Furnished Room Options
Wifi & Ethernet Enabled
International House Single
Single Room
Furnished Room Options
Wifi & Ethernet Enabled


Last reviewed: 15 February, 2017


1.5km to the main campus
Catered (19 meals per week)
Furnished rooms with unisex shared bathrooms/private cubicles
All rooms have wifi access in 2018
52 week contract