2019 offer timeline

2019 Accommodation/Bursary Application and Offer Timeline


Date Event

11 Aug 2018

UOW Open Day

From 2 Oct 2018

Returning residents: Accommodation offers commence to returning residents from this date (students will have ten days to accept their accommodation offer)

18 Oct 2018

HSC exams commence

From 22 Oct 2018

International students:

Commence accommodation offers to international students (students will have ten days to accept their scholarship and accommodation offer)

Formal international scholarship offers

From 1 Nov 2018

Student Abroad and Exchange offers

2 Nov 2018

Deadline for accepting international scholarships accommodation offer

9 Nov 2018

HSC exams complete

11 Nov 2018

Accommodation Guarantee deadline

Deadline to apply for Early Admission Accommodation Bursaries

Final day to change UAC preference for November Round 1

From 15 Nov 2018

Early Admission Accommodation Bursary and accommodation offers commence from this date (ten days to accept)

From Dec 2018

Deferred student offers commence

13 Dec 2018

HSC results released

14 Dec 2018

ATAR results released

20 Dec 2018

UAC December Round 2 offers released

UOW School Leaver offers released



Last reviewed: 20 September, 2018