Advice and resources

Advice and resources

For advice about assessment task design and developing learning activities to promote academic integrity:

  • Contact your Faculty representative from Learning, Teaching and Curriculum (LTC)

For information about how to use Turnitin:

  • Go to the Turnitin (Staff) guides and instructions about how to set up Turnitin in your subject’s Moodle site, and how to interpret Originality Reports

For advice about what to do if you suspect a case of student academic misconduct:

  • Sessional staff or tutors are encouraged to contact their Subject Coordinator in the first instance
  • Subject Coordinators are encouraged to consult with their school’s Academic Integrity Officers (AIOs) who will be willing to give you advice about how to promote academic integrity education and how to manage cases of academic misconduct.

To refer a student to the Academic Integrity Module (AIM)

  • AIOs or FICs may refer students to complete this educational intervention in cases where there has been a finding of Poor Academic Practice or Low or Medium-Level Academic Misconduct. For more information about how to enrol students into this module, contact:

Academic Misconduct Management

All teaching staff are encouraged to complete the AWARE Moodle module for managing cases of academic misconduct.

Last reviewed: 9 February, 2017