Our Goals, Achievements and Priorities

Learning and Teaching at the University of Wollongong

The University is committed to providing its diverse body of students with engaging, internationally-oriented learning experience. UOW’s success in learning and teaching can be demonstrated by its enviable results in supporting student learning and preparing students for the challenges of future study and workplace environments.



The University of Wollongong’s goal in Learning and Teaching is to produce:

• Graduates equipped to learn, engage and lead in society and the global workplace

Through Goal 1 of the 2011-2013 UOW Strategic Plan, UOW aims to develop students into graduates who have the capacity to undertake meaningful roles in managing the challenges of social, environmental and workplace change.  This will be achieved through;

  • high quality teaching,
  • targeted support,
  • systematic benchmarking,
  • ongoing improvements in course management
  •  embedding the Graduate Qualities
  •  optimising the benefits of a research-intensive university environment, and
  • a commitment to providing outstanding support programs, services and facilities


The University has identified several priorities for 2011-13 to maintain its reputation for excellence in the Learning and Teaching fields. The Strategic Priorities under Goal 1 are:

  • Remain a national leader in Learning and Teaching performance
  • Enhance opportunities for students from all backgrounds to participate in and succeed at university
  • Develop graduates who are creative global citizens in outlook, experience and capacity
  • Implement the UOW Vision of Reconciliation for the benefit of students, staff and our communities
  • Strengthen distinctive concentrations of learning and teaching excellence
  • Build on distinctive strengths of our multi-site network, specifically by developing UOW Southern Sydney


Objectives for 2011 include:

  • eLearning development
  • progress first year transition projects
  • improve curriculum and learning support for all students

Longer term Objectives for 2011-2013 are:

1. Graduates who embody the University’s Graduate Qualities
2. Student access and quality transition support for the student learning journey
3. Quality programs relevant to the evolving needs of students and the community
4. High quality teaching


 Achievements - 2008-2010


Over the past five years, UOW has been externally recognised for leadership and achievement in enabling learning and quality teaching.  Achievements over the 2008-10 planning cycle include:

  • Two A1 Ratings and two A2 ratings for "Excellence" as well as a ranking of two Improvement categories. 
  • Maximum five star ratings in the Good Universities Guide of "Getting a Job", 'Positive Graduate Outcomes" and "Graduate Starting Salary"
  • Trial benchmarking project on Academic Transition Support between UOW and UTAS
  • Code of Practice - Student Professional Experience
  • Global Citizenship Certificate
  • Faculty of Arts Language Centre

Flagship programs introduced during the last cycle include:

  • StartSmart – (Essential Academic Information Skills) equips students with foundation information skills and guides them on how to avoid plagiarism.
  •  First Year @ UOW – introduction of a First Year website
Last reviewed: 30 November, 2016