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 Learning and Teaching Performance Fund

The University continued to perform strongly against external measure of academic quality in 2009. UOW will receive $3.275 million in the funding package which contains an excellence component worth $2.5 million and an improvement component of $746,487. This year the fund was split between “Excellence” and the new category of “Improvement”. UOW obtained two (A1) ratings and two (A2s) for Excellence as well as ranking in two Improvement categories.
Only seven universities in the country received an A1 ranking for Excellence.
The University of Wollongong is one of only four universities in the country to score in the Band A in all four discipline groupings in the Federal Government’s 2009 Learning and Teaching Performance Fund.
UOW has been rewarded for its commitment to high quality learning and teaching across the multiple discipline groups of (a) science, computing, engineering, architecture and agriculture; (b) business, law and economics; (c) humanities, arts and education; and (d) health.
In the four years of the Learning and Teaching Performance Fund, UOW has been ranked first twice and third on the other two occasions.
The assessment of UOW’s ranking in learning and teaching is also supported by the University’s performance in the Australian Learning and Teaching Council’s Citations over the past three years. In this peer reviewed scheme, UOW has won the highest number of awards in the country -- 28 out of a possible 30.

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Learning and Teaching Performance Fund Requirements

UOW makes the following information publicly available as a requirement of the 2008 Learning and Teaching Performance Fund:

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 Learning and Teaching Plan

Goal 1 of the UOW Strategic Plan 2008-2010

Professional Development for Staff

Organisational and Professional Development Policy
Staff Development Calendar
Postgraduate Staff Sponsorship Program
Performance Enhancement & Career Development Record

Effectiveness as a teacher and student evaluations inform UOW promotion and probation decisions

Promotion Procedures Academic Staff
Probation Procedures Academic Staff
University of Wollongong (Academic Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2005
OCTAL Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning
Learning and Teaching Grants
Vice Chancellor’s Awards

Student Evaluations

Teacher Evaluations
Subject Evaluation Survey
Quality Review Framework
For more information about the Learning and Teaching Performance Fund refer to the Department of Education, Science and Training.
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Last reviewed: 16 September, 2016