2016-2020 Strategic Plan

2016-2020 Strategic Plan 

UOW is a global leader in discovery and learning, working to transform people and the world we live in.

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2016-2020Strategic Plan 


Our place, purpose and values

Universities have never been more important to our future. In a world facing very large and complex social, environmental and economic challenges our universities will play a central role in keeping Australia economically competitive and socially cohesive. The higher education sector will be at the forefront of shaping contemporary policies and a modern society.

At the University of Wollongong (UOW) we will continue to focus on offering personalised experiences and outstanding learning environments. We will develop highly sought after graduates who have experienced a research-intensive university, and an intellectually challenging curriculum.

We are committed to generating outstanding research and world class results. Our objective of earning a place in the top 1% of the world’s universities creates an opportunity to renew and refresh.

The coming period offers major opportunities to:

  • Continue the drive to build an outstanding research environment, a strong graduate school and clear incentives to drive research focus and productivity;
  • Complete the transformation of our curriculum linked to student demand, graduate outcomes and use of new technology;
  • Invest in our people to collaborate internally and externally to achieve great things;
  • Enhance our campuses, and align our facilities to the changes in centres of population, the demand driven system and emerging research priorities;Leverage our reputation as a global multi-campus university by growing our off-shore international program and portfolio;
  • Work with our partners to create greater levels of innovation and impact, and contribute to the creation of new enterprises;
  • Engage with our alumni to build a network for life;
  • Maintain an efficient and productive university focussed on adaptability and financial sustainability;
  • Aspire to make UOW a destination university and Wollongong a university city.

                         Professor Paul Wellings CBE, Vice-Chancellor. 



Last reviewed: 5 June, 2018