Planning & Reporting Framework

UOW Planning & Reporting Framework 

The University’s Strategic Plan is underpinned by 6 Core Strategies. The Core Strategies activate the Strategic Plan into whole-of-institution actions designed to guide progress in the direction we have set for ourselves over the next five years. These Core Strategies guide all operational level planning, measures and reporting, as they are operationalised by Faculties, Divisions and other University areas.

Our Planning and Reporting Framework activates UOW’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan via a clearly articulated planning and accountability structure that integrates with and is applied to all levels of Planning and Reporting to ensure UOW achieves its strategic vision and objectives. The Framework also supports UOW’s strong governance and commitment to the PARI continuous improvement cycle.

The Planning and Reporting Framework, approved by Council in April 2016, applies to all planning and reporting at UOW from 2017 onwards.


 Planning and Reporting Framework visual

Planning Reviews

Annual Reviews against Plans

Each year the University evaluates its performance against the objectives in each of the goal areas in the UOW Strategic Plan. University Council monitors our performance through our annual Stocktake Report and throughout the year via Portfolio updates presented to Council by the Senior Executive. 

PARI Continuous Improvement Cycle

To ensure that our objectives and standards are tested and improved, the University of Wollongong is committed to a four-step quality cycle:

UOW Quality Framework


Last reviewed: 28 September, 2016