The Clubs History

History of the Social Club 

26 Sept 1983
Academic Senate Standing Committee agreed to a ‘Proposal to establish a University Staff Club’

4 April 1984
Club founded with a Constitution based on the Monash University model. Initially located in the Director’s residence and catered by Irene Tognetti

22 April 1986
The University Council, through the Vice Chancellor and with the support of the University Union, allocated $150k to provide space within the new Union building for the Club. This space was for the exclusive use of the Club, with catering, liquor service and cleaning provided by the University Union at no cost to the Club.

This provided the Club with autonomy to conduct Club business in the Club lounge. All members were provided with a door key and could access the Club room on an ad hoc basis. The Club was able to be booked via a booking form by all members of the Social Club, non-members of the Club sponsored through members, and all Clubs and Societies affiliated with University of Wollongong.

22 July 1999
Launch of the Social Club in the Bistro. In order to facilitate the expansion of Wollongong University College into the UniCentre building, the Social Club Executive agreed to move its Club Room to the old Bistro. This was at some considerable cost to the Club as it lost a function space that had been fitted out and decorated expressly for and by the Club membership. As part of that swap, an MOU was agreed to and signed by the Vice Chancellor, the General Manager of the UniCentre and the Club’s president. An important part of that MOU was the provision that “any change to this arrangement can only be reached by negotiation and agreement between the parties.”.

9 Dec 1999
Planning Day facilitated by Vivien Twyford. The Social Club planning conference identified a number of success factors to increase membership. The two key issues were the need for:

  1. a convivial and welcoming venue, and 
  2. effective activity and membership management

To address these issues, the Social Club Committee resolved that they needed to:

  1. Appoint a membership secretary to better coordinate activities and to promote the joining of new members.
  2. Refurbish the clubrooms to create a friendlier and more welcoming atmosphere. Funding for this was approved by the Vice Chancellor.

Sept 2000 to Mar 2001
Social Club was asked to lend the Club Room to the UniCentre during the reconstruction of the UniBar so that some bar service could be maintained for the campus during this period. This loan was readily agreed to as undertakings were made that any damage and wear and tear would be rectified once the new UniBar was established.

7 Feb 2002  
Request to the Vice Chancellor for funding to refurbish the Club room was approved and replacement of the old air conditioner, new carpets, painting etc were completed.

Dec 2002 to Feb 2003
Loan of the Club room to KidsUni.

Dec 2009
Due to refurbishment of building 11, the Social Club was temporarily transferred to the McKinnon Dining room, building 67, room 210. No new MOU was agreed upon. This has placed the Club in a very difficult position as it tries to fulfil its role as the peak social glue that links the various parts of the University. In particular, we have lost ‘a convivial and welcoming venue’ so important for encouraging casual contacts between the membership.

7 Aug 2010
Planning Day facilitated by Vivien Twyford. After 10 years since the last Strategic Planning Day, a refresh was in order. Plans were put to the AGM in April 2011 to reaffirm the Club’s Objectives. These are as follows:

  1. To create a welcoming space for members and guests
  2. To contribute to University life by creating positive experiences for members through organized activities they enjoy
  3. To bridge the silos between academic and general staff and students and between units and faculties
  4. To include and encourage participation from all levels of staff and students
  5. To interact with other groups externally and internally to achieve the Club’s purpose
  6. To promote the purpose of Social Club across the UOW community
  7. To contribute to University life.
  8. To retain supp  ort of VC, Deans and senior management

November 2009 to 2013
The Club has operated on a limited basis from the McKinnon Dining room. When we were displaced from building 11 to allow for the recent refurbishment of that building, we were forced to dispose of all our furniture, which was deemed not to be of a sufficient standard to be housed in the McKinnon building. Nor were we offered any space to store the furniture until a more suitable Club space became available. Consequently, we are now in a position where we no longer have our own furniture ready to hand for a Friday Mixer.

Last reviewed: 30 April, 2014

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