Walking with Jindaola

Each year a call for applications to ‘Join the Journey’ of Jindaola is advertised internally at UOW. Individuals are encouraged to form an interdisciplinary team [usually representative of a school, unit, faculty or a particular way of Knowing, Being or Doing Knowledge], and book a consultation with Jaymee Beveridge before undertaking the EOI process.

Further information regarding the program can be found on this website, within the handbook, and through some of the publications that have emerged from the programs research.

Internal applications

The application process involves the submission of an EOI and interview. The annual EOI round will be publicised internally. Please contact the Jindaola support team (jindaola-support@uow.edu.au) for more information regarding future rounds.

Applications for funding are to be made in the form of an expression of interest using the template attached. To develop your expression of interest, please consider and respond to the following criteria:

  • Highlight the opportunities for Indigenous knowledges and perspectives to impact on your core curriculum.
  • Identify current problems or difficulties around the integration of Indigenous knowledges in your curriculum practice and how you are hoping to address them through this funding.
  • Discuss opportunities for collaboration beyond your current, immediate subject or course.
  • Outline how this aligns to the UOW curriculum model.
  • Describe strategies to ensure sustainability of the activities beyond the funding period.
  • Outline the skills and experience of your team that are relevant to the current expression of interest.

Expressions of interest are to be submitted using the EOI template. We also ask that you accompany your expression of interest with a breakdown of expenses as per the template.

Submission of EOI should be to jindaola-support@uow.edu.au

Applicants will be notified if successful for interview and times for interviews will be arranged so that all named grant application members will be available to attend interview. Interviews will be considered based on the following:

  • An articulate plan and passionate response for embedding Indigenous knowledges throughout faculty-wide curriculum and across all years of the undergraduate program.
  • A genuine interest to learn more through this process, and building staff capacity through increased awareness and competency in embedding Indigenous knowledges into course and curriculum.
  • An openness and willingness to work and collaborate with staff across all of LTC where relevant to the project.
  • A clear approach for evaluation and dissemination of the project to a broad audience.
  • Characteristics of eagerness to collaborate with other project groups, within a framework that supports a University-wide approach to embedding Indigenous knowledges and perspectives in an Aboriginal way of working.

External applications

Applications are welcomed from Universities and institutions external to UOW this year as we pilot a blended and integrated approach to the program. If you are external to UOW and considering applying for the Jindaola program please contact Jaymee Beveridge for more information.