Jindaola in the context of tertiary education, is a holistic developmental program that is specific to the University of Wollongong, its satellite campuses that fall within Yuin country, and the few Universities that also have campuses on Country. This age-old methodological approach was negotiated with Aboriginal Elders and Knowledge Holders across Country for permission and endorsement to engage university academic and professional staff on a journey of decolonising deconstructing Knowledges and doing Knowledge.

This symbolic diagram is a road map... a walking track... a guide... that is to be broken down and understood symbol by symbol to present an overall structural interpretation of an interconnected Aboriginal approach in the University context.

Please refer to the Jindaola Handbook for a more detailed description.



Walking with Jindaola requires interdisciplinary teams to genuinely commit to 5 Formal gatherings and regular fortnightly Informal gatherings [including off-campus and on-Country experiences] over an 18-month period. The teams undertake professional and personal development decolonising their perspectives of knowledge and knowledge-based systems while receiving consistent coaching and mentoring through-out the program. Jindaola is facilitated and directed by the Senior Lecturer Indigenous Knowledges, and is supported heavily by key Elders and Knowledge Holders from the local Illawarra and South Coast Aboriginal communities.

Workshop 1 Joining the Journey Starting date
Workshop 2 Sharing your Landscape +3 months
Workshop 3 Sharing your Way +3 months
Workshop 4 Sharing your Walk +6 months
Workshop 5 Sharing your Stories +6 months
Symposium Good Practice Symposium Annual
Afternoon with community Informal event: Meeting and greet local Aboriginal community on UOW campuses Annual