Around the Bora

Bora are significant meeting grounds. Within the Jindaola program Bora represent a gathering or meeting place of Knowledge and in this context represent the place where the significant people involved in the story of Jindaola meet. Each person sitting around the Bora is understood as an expert in their own context, with the recognition and respect that when ‘sitting’ around the Bora there are strong protocols related to respect, responsibility and reciprocity.

Jindaola is the product of many people, Knowledges, wisdoms and contributions. Those sitting around this Bora are;

  • Elders and Aboriginal community members from across Yuin Country for their contributions of ideas for, participation in and endorsement of the Jindaola program
  • The UOW Academic Development team of 2017, for their team-based collaborations to conceive of the design and delivery of the Jindaola program.
  • Jindaola staff who have joined the journey along the way as project officers and research assistants and each brought their strengths to the evolution of the program
  • Jindaola participants, for their individual and unique engagement in each cohort that has led to ongoing growth of the program
  • Jindaola alumni, who continue to contribute to the program through advocacy and involvement in a wide variety of ways
  • The Jindaola research team who investigate the program in close detail and publish this to share with others in scholarly publications

Leading this journey and facilitating the program is Jade Kennedy, a Yuin man from the Illawarra and South Coast of NSW. He has been privileged with the intimate Knowledges of his peoples’ customs, culture and Country. For the past 21 years Jade has worked within various roles, both professional and academic, at the University of Wollongong bringing together these two worlds by focusing on the incorporating and embedding of Aboriginal knowledges and perspectives within tertiary education curriculum.

For more information about Jindaola or curriculum reconciliation, please contact Jade ( or the Jindaola support team (