Jindaola, an educational development grants program facilitated by a local traditional knowledge holder and established in consultation with local Aboriginal community. The program engages participants in an Aboriginal way towards curriculum reconciliation. Curriculum Reconciliation in a professional learning context describes a process of taking participants on a journey on Country to decolonise thinking and begin to engage in the negotiation of authentic knowledge-based relationships between Aboriginal knowledges and the relevant disciplinary knowledges.

A protector of many many Knowledges, the goanna Jindaola [Jinda-ole-la] walks from place to place helping people know ‘proper way’. He speaks of protocol, the sacred and the special, and the appropriate practices we must perform to maintain the continuation of these…

Jindaola is unique to this place… unique to the shared places of the University of Wollongong and the Aboriginal communities its campuses rest upon… and where it is a grant program… and a way of approach… Jindaola is most importantly a journey

Walking with Jindaola means pursuing towards…

  • Upholding the respect and integrity of the Knowledges and perspectives relevant to disciplinary areas being integrated,
  • Facilitating genuine two-way relationships around appropriate Knowledges and perspectives with the appropriate Elders and Knowledge Holders,
  • Cultivating the authentic Acknowledgement of Country through the embedding of appropriate Indigenous knowledges and perspectives into the curriculum, and
  • Creating culturally safe curricula that privileges Country and establishes a stronger sense of belonging for students, staff, and the wider university community.