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Latest news

Building access cards are being replaced

In early 2020 UOW Security upgraded the access control system and began to distribute new smart cards to current swipe access card holders.

While most cardholders have now collected their new smart cards, unfortunately due to COVID-19 and many staff working remotely, not all cards have been collected. Old cards will not work after 18 December 2020.  The old cards will be disabled and only new cards will work.

Staff who have not yet collected their new access card will need to make arrangements to collect their new card from the FMD Service Centre (Building 31).

Collect your new card

Access cards can be collected from the FMD Service Centre between 9:30am and 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

Please bring photo ID with you and your old access card.

Please ensure you adhere to social distancing requirements when collecting your card (i.e. maintain 1.5m distance between yourself and others).

Frequently asked questions

Can someone else pick up my card for me?

Each person must pick up their own card. We will have to collect your current card from you before providing your new card. 

Will my new card have all my current access transferred from my old card?

Each access group on your card was audited by the appropriate faculty/division representative. Your access will be transferred to your new card pending approval from each faculty.

I currently use my card to print/scan in my area. Will my new card allow me to continue using the printers?

All printers have been upgraded to work with the new smart card. Old swipe cards no longer work with printers.

When will the older access card stop working?

Older swipe access cards will no longer work after 18 December 2020.  Cards not collected for previously approved users will be cancelled and cardholders will need to make a new application through their respective Faculties and Divisions.

What are the physical differences between the new and the old access cards?

The new access cards are thinner than your current access card and about the same size as a standard credit card.  The new cards do not have a hole in them fit for a lanyard or key ring, but FMD has equipment to assist with making a hole if required.  Please do not punch a hole in the new access card yourself. 

UOW Security provides safety escorts after dark for staff or students returning to the bus stop, or their car on campus or to nearby surrounding streets. To request the service, use the SafeZone app, dial #3 on a security phone, or ring 4221 4555.