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Security - UOW Wollongong Campuses

58 Northfields Avenue

University of Wollongong 

NSW 2522

Nearest Cross Street: Irvine Street and O'Leary Road

 Bldg 39 - UOW Security

The UOW Security Operations Centre has moved, and is now located in Building 72, at 58 Northfields Ave. Refer to map of the new location.  


Step 1: Dial Triple Zero, 000 for Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance

Step 2:  Contact UOW Security on 4221 4900, or raise an Emergency Alert , a First Aid Alert or Help  call using SafeZone app, or dial #1 at any Security telephone.

General contact

Contact UOW Security general support staff on 4221 4555 during session 7:00am - 11:00pm Monday to Friday or Out of Session 10.00am - 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

Outside the above periods your call may be answered by a third party call centre.

Alternatively, you may speak directly to an Officer on 0407 287750 or by mobile PABX on 42 216555.

Call Centre support

All  telephones are supported by a third party call centre service. Please leave your name, a brief message and a contact number or your location where a Security Officer may meet you.
A Security Officer will respond to your call.

Example Messages:

"Security, could I have a safe escort about 9.50 pm. Collect me at Office G1050, Building 19. Please confirm Ext. 3995, Joan Smith".
Or, when there is not a contact number:
"Security, could I have a safe escort to Western Carpark. Meet me at 9.50pm, northern entry Building 40, Joan Smith."
(Please allow 10-15 minutes warning.)

Site specific contacts

UOW Security

General Contact: 4221 4555

Mobile Telephone: 0407 287 750

Fax: 4221 3287


Security Operations Centre:  Building 39 (eastern entry, opposite Kids Uni)

Security telephones

Security Telephones

Security Telephones are easy to identify and are found in strategic locations external to buildings. They have blue lights fitted for night time location.
Security Telephones are provided to enable people to:

  • Call for assistance from Security.

  • Contact Emergency Services.

  • Arrange safe transport through the local taxi company.

  • Seek motor vehicle breakdown service through the NRMA.

Security Telephones enable direct contact to the following services (with this directory appearing at each telephone location):

Dial 1 Emergencies Only – University Security Ext: 4900
Dial 2 Emergency Services ‘000’ Police/Fire/Ambulance
Dial 3 University Security – Safety Escorts, Assistance or enquiries, Ext: 4555
Dial 4 Wollongong Taxi Service
Dial 6 NRMA Road Service
Dial 7 Fire Control Room – For use by Security and Fire Brigade only
Dial 8 Police Assistance Line (PAL) 131 444
Dial 9 Parking Attendant 7:30am – 4:00pm - Monday to Friday

Location of Security telephones

Building locations

  • Building 1 Southern side

  • Building 2 Eastern end, southern side

  • Building 3 Eastern side

  • Building 6 Northern side

  • Building 8 Southern side

  • Building 9 Sports Hub

  • Building 10 Kids Uni West side

  • Building 12 Uni Bar

  • Building 13 Uni Active

  • Building 14 Northern side courtyard

  • Building 17 Western side 

  • Building 19 Eastern side

  • Building 19 Southern breezeway

  • Building 20 Southern side

  • Building 25 Southern side - opposite Building 22

  • Building 25 Northern carpark entry

  • Building 28 Northern side

  • Building 30 Southern side

  • Building 31 Entrance Block A - Facilities Management Division

  • Building 32 Southern side

  • Building 39B Southern side

  • Building 39C

  • Building 40 Northern entrance

  • Building 41 Western side, Stage 2

  • Building 41 Western side, Stage 3

  • Building 67 Eastern side

  • Building 68 - Kooloobong (K2) north

  • Building 68 - Kooloobong (K2) south

  • Building 72 - Security office

  • Building 121 - Graduate House

Other locations

  • TAFE (M1)

  • UOW (M1)

  • Bus Bay Northfields Avenue

  • Kooloobong bus stop

  • Carpark locations

  • South-Western (P3)

  • Northern (P5)

  • Multi-Storey Carpark - Level E (P1)

  • UniCentre - Building 1 (P8)

  • Western (P4)

  • former Ovals (P7) adjacent to building 43


Security phones locations can be viewed via the campus map

NRMA meeting points

To improve safety for drivers who may experience an unfortunate breakdown of their motor vehicle we have, in conjunction with the NRMA, identified meeting places for Roadside Assistance on campus. 

When calling the NRMA nominate one of the following meeting places:

Wollongong Campus

  • Unicentre Carpark - near security telephone
  • Building 13 - near security telephone
  • Western Carpark - near security telephone
  • Building 40 Bus Stop - near public telephones
  • Building 11 - Northfields Avenue (near bus interchange)

You can view the locations of the NRMA meeting points on the campus map.

Innovation Campus

Signs are provided at each meeting point with an identification number. The identification number assists the NRMA in locating driver and vehicle.

Last reviewed: 25 September, 2018