Bike Security

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U or D bolts are resistant to bolt cutters

Bike Security

Depending on the value, bikes are often seen as very attractive items.  Wollongong Campus experiences the theft of bikes throughout the calendar year.  It is important that bikes are secured to a bike rack and that bike riders use quality tamper proof or bolt cutter resistant locks.

  • Always lock the bike to bike racks provided.
  • Use a Cable Lock, D Bolt or U shaped lock to secure the bike.  Use a lock that is resistant to being cut by bolt cutters.  It is preferable if part of the frame is locked to the rack (if a cable is available also lock the wheels if possible).
  • Record the frame number and/or engrave driver’s licence details or use other identifying marks.
  • Do not leave accessories with the bike.
  • Keep a record of sales docket and photograph.
  • Keep a list of identifying numbers and marks.

For further information about Bicycle Lock-up facilities refer 'Bike Parking'

Download the Tips for Bike Security Brochure (pdf)

Last reviewed: 10 May, 2017

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