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From July 2017, SafeZone coverage has now been extended to all UOW Campus’ with Bateman’s Bay, Southern Highlands and Southern Sydney. UOW Security Wollongong team will have responsibility for responding to Help Calls, First Aid Alerts and Emergency Alerts. UOW students and staff already registered in SafeZone visiting these campus’ will automatically be covered by the app when visiting.

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SafeZone is a free location-based App for smart mobile devices making it easier to contact UOW Security if help is needed whilst on campus.  It also enables UOW Security to respond if direct assistance is required. 

SafeZone also covers the nearby local street network pathways of the Wollongong Campus.  SafeZone is a significant security enhancement to our campus operations.  SafeZone has been available since the pilot programme was conducted in latter part of 2012.   


With SafeZone on your Smartphone, you are connected to UOW Security 24/7.   

Do you:

  • Walk over the M1 Motorway (formerly F6) pedestrian overpass at any time of day?
  • Walk or ride along the TAFE cycleways, or through TAFE towards Foleys Avenue?
  • Park off campus and walk to your car?
  • Walk through the Botanic Garden?
  • Work back late on campus?
  • Walk between the campus and Robsons Road and Gipps Road, Gwynneville? 

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then you should download the SafeZone App now!

Have you ever witnessed someone in trouble or something that you think should be reported to UOW Security or the Police?

As a bystander or a witness you can make a difference by calling for help using the SafeZone app to report what you are seeing. Getting the right help is important. Contacting UOW Security and/or the Police is the correct action.

On campus or within the SafeZone app coverage, you will be connected to UOW Security. If you are outside of the SafeZone app’s coverage the app. will inform you and prompt you to call triple zero 000.

Another good reason to download the app and register today


SafeZone is funded by the Student Services and Amenity Fund. SAF Logo WebSafeZone should provide all staff, students, approved visitors, student accommodation residents and parents with the peace of mind that if you were to run into trouble, you can get help.

The App for the Wollongong Campus SafeZone is FREE and response from UOW Security is FREE.  

UOW Security monitors SafeZone 24 hours a day.  



Please note that after downloading the SafeZone App you MUST register for the UOW SafeZone, or UOW Security will not receive your alerts.

  • GRAB your Smartphone and go to
  • After installing, click on the App icon and select 'Sign Up'  
  • Follow the prompts – you will need to enter your name, e-mail address, create a password, and provide your name and mobile number.
  • Optional: you can also upload a profile picture. This is helpful when the UOW Security team receives your alert and needs to identify you.

UOW may also offer an additional text field for you to include other optional information that could help responders when they are coming to your assistance.  This is a free text field – you can include for example, your office number (staff), a medical condition, a sensory limitation such as blindness or deafness, or mobility limitation (e.g. you require wheelchair access).  If you include this information, the Officer responding to your call will be able to better plan his or her response.

Once you have submitted your registration form, you will receive an email from, this will include a link that you MUST click to complete your registration.  If you do not receive the email within a minute or two, check your spam folder.

If you have any problems with registration, either contact UOW Security or contact the support team at:



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Last reviewed: 2 November, 2017

Download SafeZone

SafeZone is Security's Mobile App.  Download it today.


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