Future Student Forms

Application Forms For Future Students

Application Checklist 

Please enure that your application includes only the required documentation and that you are familiar with the criteria for assessment of each Scholarship category you have applied for:

What you need before you start

Applicants will be required to complete the Future Student On-line Scholarship Application.  To assist in completing the application applicants are advised to have the following documents available:-

  • University Admissions Centre (UAC) Number
  • If you are a current HSC applicant copies of your Year 12 half-yearly exam marks and if available your Trial Results. 
  • If you completed your HSC prior to 2016, a copy of your HSC subject results and ATAR.
  • If you are applying as a non HSC applicant copies of your most recent academic transcript from TAFE, College or other study.
  • Your top three UOW degree preferences
  • Centrelink Reference Number (if applying for an equity type scholarship)
  • Parental Family Tax Benefit statements (if applying for an equity type scholarship)
  • 2015/16 Tax assessments and recent payslips if you have been employed or will be supported by your parents/spouse/partner. (if applying for equity type scholarship)
  • CV or Resume
  • Valid contact details - we will contact you late in 2016 or early 2017 if you are successful.  Don't use a school email address unless you're sure you will be able to access it after the end of school.

Optional Scholarships

Please ensure that you have ticked the boxes listed under 'Optional Scholarships' that you wish to be considered for as part of your on-line application.

Equity Scholarships

Refer to the Universities Admissions Centre for application information www.uac.edu.au

National Australia Bank (NAB) Sports Scholarship Applications

Please ensure that you have ticked the box pertaining to NAB Sports Scholarships on your UOW Scholarship Application Form, and up-load required documents to the following items:

  • Indicate your area of sporting excellence
  • Indicate your recent experience (eg position, team, competition level)
  • Details of Regional, State or National representation
  • Outline how you can contribute to the standard of sport on campus
  • Attach a nominal sporting program for 2016 and 2017, eg State Championships, Coaching Camps etc
  • Provide the contact details of two people who can verify your sporting standard.

These responses are for NAB Sports scholarships only and should be sent as an attachment to your scholarship application as described above. 

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Applicant Requirements & Guidelines for Future Students 

Conditions and criteria apply to each of the advertised scholarships.  General criteria that apply to each scholarship is listed below, additional scholarship criteria specific to a particular scholarship will be detailed within the scholarship advertising.

It is important to remember that an offer of UOW scholarship is conditional on the basis that you receive an offer to study at UOW.  If you are offered any UOW scholarships, you will need to ensure that your preferences are such that you will be offered a position in your desired UOW program.  This may mean that you will have to change your UAC preferences so that your desired UOW course is your highest eligible preference.

Scholarships for currently enrolled students will be advertised throughout the academic year via students emails, flyers, digital signage and on the scholarship website.

General Criteria

The following criteria apply to all Future Student UOW Undergraduate Scholarships for 2017:

  • Commencing study in 2017 as a first year (no previous enrolment at UOW) full-time undergraduate student at UOW (unless advised otherwise).
  • Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident or holder of an Australian Humanitarian Visa (unless advised otherwise).
  • There are additional criteria for each scholarship, please ensure you have read each scholarship's criteria carefully so that your application is properly completed.

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After the closing date and release of the 2016 ATAR results, applications are reviewed by a selection committee. 

Faculty of Law, Humanities and Arts

Award based on application & ATAR

Faculty of Business

Award based on application & ATAR

Faculty of Social Sciences
Award based on application & ATAR 
Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences

Award based on application & ATAR

Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

Award based on application & ATAR

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Last reviewed: 3 November, 2016