Future Students

Frequently Asked Questions by Prospective Students

The following Frequently Asked Questions have been divided into four sections. Please click on the links below.

General Information

Q. Why apply for a University of Wollongong (UOW) Scholarship?
Our scholarship program provides students with the opportunity to focus more effectively on their studies by providing some financial independence. In addition, our Work-Integrated program offers valuable industry based experience.

Q. Who should apply?
. Future UOW students who are Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents of Australia, or holders of an Australian humanitarian visa are eligible to apply (unless stated otherwise).

Q.  How can I find out more about the UOW Future Student Scholarships?
A.    You are able to access information regarding scholarship opportunities via the UOW Scholarships site.  Select the 'Search Scholarships'  button and you will be directed to a search function, select 'Prospective Student'.  You are then able to search according to your individual needs.  

Q. Are there specific criteria for each scholarship?
. The following criteria apply to all UOW Undergraduate Scholarships for 2018:

  • Applicants must be commencing study in 2018 as a first year (no previous enrolment at UOW) full-time undergraduate student at UOW (unless advised otherwise).
  • Applicants must be Australian Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents or holders of an Australian Humanitarian Visa (unless advised otherwise).

There is additional criteria that varies for each scholarship and will be detailed for each scholarship listing. 

Q. What is the difference between a full-time and part-time student?
. This is not a matter of day or night classes, but is determined by the number of credit points in which you enrol. For three-year degrees (144 credit degree programs), full-time students normally enrol in a total of 48 credit points annually which breaks down to 24 credit points per session. As a general rule anything less than 18 credit points per session is part-time. For any undergraduate degrees longer than three years (144 credit degree programs), please refer to the relevant faculty for further confirmation.

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Application Assistance

Q. How do I apply?
A.   Applying is easy.  Go to http://www.uow.edu.au/about/scholarships/UOW136779  Scholarships website to access the on-line application form.  On-line applications opened on 1 July 2017.  All applications are submitted at this website.  If you don't have access to the internet, call our UOW Scholarships team on (02) 4252 8959 or via email scholarships@uow.edu.au .

Q. Do I have to make a separate application for each type of scholarship I wish to be considered for?
No you only need to submit one application.  You will be automatically considered for any of the following scholarship categories which are relevant to your stated course preferences:

  • Faculty Undergraduate
  • Faculty/School/Discipline related 

You will have an opportunity to identify which other scholarships you are interested in, any scholarship that requires additional documentation ie a statement of support, will become part of the documents required that are identified during the on-line application process.  You will not be able to complete your on-line scholarship application until all required questions and documents are provided.

If you wish to be considered for any of the additional scholarships under the Equity Scholarships, Residential Scholarships and Sporting Scholarship, titles simply tick the relevant boxes.  It is important that you familiarise yourself with each of the criteria for each scholarship.

Q.What is the closing date for scholarship applications?
 The closing date for UOW Future Student Scholarships is 30th November 2017.

Q.  I have forgotten what my 'User Name' is.

A.  Your user name is either your UAC number or International Baccalaureate identifier.

Q.  I have forgotten my password.

A.  You can reset your password via the UOW Scholarship application log-in screen.  Select 'Forgotten password' and you will be asked to confirm your date of birth and email address.  An email will be sent with your new re-set password.

Q. How will I know if my on-line application has been submitted?
 As part of the application process you will be provided with an email receipt of submission of your application.  If you do not receive a receipt of submission, in the first instance check your 'junk mail' (some email services automatically direct receipts to their user junk mail boxes).  If you still haven't received a receipt please contact our Scholarships team on (02) 4252 8959 or via email scholarships@uow.edu.au.

Q. Do I need to still apply for admission to the University of Wollongong?
Yes, you need to go the UAC website and apply to study at UOW.   Once you have obtained your 9-digit UAC number, enter this number into your UOW scholarship application.  Alternately some future students will be able to apply directly to UOW.

Q. I do not have a Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) Number?
If you don't have a UAC number or have forgotten it, all you need to do is ensure that you have completed all the personal details information, i.e. name, address, date of birth, and we can search for a UAC number.

Q. I am not a 2017 HSC applicant what do I need to provide?
If you completed your HSC prior to 2017, and have not completed any further studies either at TAFE, Vocation College, or University, all your need to do is upload a copy of your HSC subjects marks and ATAR result.

Q. I did not complete my high school studies in Australia. What do I need to provide?
If you completed studies overseas you need to upload copies of your reports/transcripts as part of your application. If you achieved any post-secondary (College or University study), course and or subject descriptions would be helpful in assessment of your application. You may be asked to bring in the original copies at a later date.

Q. I am not applying for admission to the University as a HSC applicant what do I need to provide?
If you completed either a TAFE or Vocational College or University Preparation Program qualification; studied at another tertiary institution or have completed a mature age exam, you need to give details as part of your application and upload copies of your documentation. You may be asked to bring in the original copies at a later date.

Q. My parent/guardian will be applying on my behalf as I am either studying or travelling what do I need to provide to authorise them to act on my behalf?
If you have a parent/guardian applying for you and would like us to contact them regarding any questions relating to your application or interview details please attach a letter of authority  as part of your CV/Resume, clearly stating who the person is, and their relationship to you.

Q. Can I apply for more than one scholarship?
Yes, you are able to apply for as many scholarships that you are interested in.

Q. Do I need to prove my Australian Citizenship or Residency status?
No, we will confirm this information once you have received an offer of admission to the University and have enrolled.

Q. How do I save an unfinished application?

A.  You are able to return to your application at any time before you select 'Submit Application'.  You simply need to save your email that details your User Name and Password.  Once you have submitted your application and received your confirmation email, any changes that are required will need to be done by a Scholarships Officer, please contact us either via email scholarships@uow.edu.au or on (02) 4252 8959.

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Equity Scholarship Application Assistance

Q.  Who will be reveiwing my documentation and will my details be kept confidentially?

A. Only those staff that will be directly involved with preparing and asssessing equity type scholarship applications will be revewing your documentation.  You can review the UOW Privacy Policy here.

Q.  At the moment I am living at home, when I start university I will be moving away and living either on campus or in private accommodation.  How do I complete my application?

A.  You are required to complete the application to reflect your situation once University commences.  It is important to understand however, that in assessing any equity type scholarship, we have to be able to see evidence of how you will be financially supporting yourself during your studies.  An application that either indicates that you live away from home and do not have any form or financial support will be assessed as being incomplete.  Likewise an application that provides evidence of a minimal income (ie, less than $9,000) will be checked and may also be deemed incomplete if we are unable to indentify how a student will be able to sufficiently support themselves and attend university.

Q.  I have applied for Centrelink but haven't received a Customer Reference Number (CRN) yet? 

A.  For the question 'Do you currently receive Centrelink payments?', select the 'Currently have an application lodged with Centrelink', from the drop down menu.  Once you receive this CRN please contact the scholarships office via email scholarships@uow.edu.au and we will update your information.

Q.  Why do I have to declare whether our parent/s receive Tax Benefit A?

A.  Due to changes to Youth Allowance in January 2012, students that may have previously been granted Youth Allowance now receive this benefit via a Tax Benefit A payment.  To assist us in assessing your application we require a record of this payment received by your parent/s.

Q.  Why do I have to provide copies of my parent/s Tax Assessment Notice?

A.  In completing your application you have indicated that you are living with or receiving benefit from your parents.  We require a record of the income received by your parent/s to assist in assessing your application. 

Q.  I am currently employed, however, this will stop once I have to move away to attend University.  Do I still have to submit my most recent payslip?

A.  Yes we will require your most recent payslip, however, it is important that you give us the details of how your employment will change.  You are able to include this information in the Personal Statement in the Equity statement of the on-line application.

Q.  I will not have all the required supporting documentation by the closing date of scholarships, will I still be able to submit my application?

A.  If you are going to have difficulty in securing all of the documentation by the clsoing date please contact the scholarships office via email scholarships@uow.edu.au or on (02) 42 52 8959. 

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Scholarship Interview/Selection

Q. How can I find out about the interview/selection process for a scholarship I have applied for?
A.  Each scholarship will detail the interview/selection process, if you have difficulty viewing this information or require further assistance please contact scholarships@uow.edu.au or  (02) 42 52 8959.

Q. How will I know if I have been selected for an interview?
A.  Applicants required for an interview will be contacted by the Scholarships and Grants Office, using the contact information detailed on the application form.

Q.  Am I able to defer the interview process?
A.  Unfortunately you are not generally able to defer the interview process, if you are not available at the interview time an alternate arrangement may be able to be organised.  Any changes or alternate arrangements will be required to be approved by the individual selection panels.

Q. I live a few hours drive from Wollongong, can I arrange for my scholarship interview to be done over the phone?
A. Yes. In most cases, this will be fine. If you receive an email inviting you to an interview, you should contact the Scholarships Team on (02) 4252 8959, or email scholarships@uow.edu.au to enquire whether the selection panel are willing to conduct a phone interview.

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Scholarship Offers

Q. How will I know if I am successful?
Some faculties/sponsors will call for interviews, while some scholarships will be awarded based on the application. For interviews, short-listed applicants will firstly be contacted via telephone and then will have interview information sent to their email account. Successful scholarship applicants will receive the outcome of their UOW scholarship application in writing in late December 2016/ early January 2017. This notification will be sent to the email address you provide in your application. Conditions of scholarship are detailed in the offer letter. All applicants will be ranked, so in the event that a successful candidate does not accept their scholarship offer, the next person on the list will be made the offer.

Q. Are there any conditions on a scholarship offer?
Yes there are, some scholarships offers are conditional on a particular ATAR and the successful applicant receiving a main round offer into a particular faculty. Each scholarship will clearly detail any conditions as part of the offer letter, if you have any questions regarding a condition of your scholarship our scholarship staff can explain these to you, scholarships@uow.edu.au or 4252 8959.

Q. If I receive a scholarship offer, am I guaranteed a place at UOW?
No, an offer of a University of Wollongong scholarship is conditional on the basis that you receive an offer to study at the University of Wollongong . If you are offered a University of Wollongong scholarship, you will need to ensure that your preferences are such that you will be offered a position in your desired University of Wollongong program in the first round of offers. Please refer to the UAC website for details on how you should alter your preferences.

Q. Can I defer my UOW scholarship?
No, you cannot defer your scholarship. If you are not able to commence study in the year the scholarship is offered we ask you inform the Scholarships Office. You are more than welcome to make a scholarship application for the following year.

Q. How many scholarships can I hold at one time?
At any one time, a UOW student may hold:- 

  • one scholarship from Category A
  • unlimited scholarships or grants from Category B and
  • one scholarship from Category C.

Category A Scholarships valued at greater than three thousand dollars ($3,000)

Category B
All Grants.
Scholarships up to and including a value of three thousand dollars ($3,000)

Category C
All work-integrated-learning scholarships

Q. How will I be paid?
Each scholarship is paid in two equal instalments for each year for the duration of the scholarship. Each payment is made the week following the HECS census dates in each session, the census dates are 31 March and 31 August. As part of your acceptance of the scholarship, you will need to provide financial institution details for the scholarship funds to be deposited into.

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Taxation and Centrelink Information

Q. Will I have to pay tax on my scholarship?
UOW recommends that each scholarship recipient seek their own advice. The following is the information provided by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as at July 2005. The ATO states:

'If you are a student receiving full-time education at a school, college or university, your scholarship will be exempt subject to certain exceptions. Both private and public scholarships received by full-time school, college or university students in Australia or overseas can be exempt from income tax.'

The ATO's web site provides information regarding scholarships and tax, including a tool to help you determine whether your scholarship is tax exempt. Visit the ATO website. For further information contact the ATO enquiry line on 13 28 64.

Q. Do I have to declare my scholarship income to Centrelink?
Yes you do. It is your responsibility to ensure that Centrelink have been notified of this income. You can request a letter that outlines the value and duration of the scholarship by contacting us on scholarships@uow.edu.au.

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Last reviewed: 25 October, 2017