Postgraduate Coursework Commonwealth Supported Scholarships

Costs and Financial Assistance

What are the costs? 

Coursework programs

Postgraduate courses may be offered as Full Fee Paying or Commonwealth Supported.
Please visit the Fees website for information on Postgraduate Coursework Degrees.

Compulsory Service Charges

Students no longer have to pay Compulsory Service Fees or Student Service Fees. This is a result of the introduction by the Australian Government of Voluntary Student Unionism. Services such as your UOW Library access and email access will still be provided and paid for by your tuition fees.

For information on joining the University Recreation and Aquatic Centre (URAC) visit:

For information on joining the UniCentre visit

Find out more about our compulsory service charges by contacting UOW on 1300 367 869

Other costs: Other costs to consider include textbooks, transport, parking, childcare, accommodation and living costs.

Research programs - Fees

Unlike coursework programs, most research programs are exempt from tuition fees.
Please visit the Fees website for information on Postgraduate Research Degrees.

Other costs: Other costs to consider include textbooks, transport, parking, childcare, accommodation and living costs.

Financial assistance  

Coursework programs

There are two programs relating to financial assistance:

  • FEE-HELP (for full fee paying students) and
  • HECS-HELP (for Commonwealth supported students)

Please visit the Fees website for information on the Higher Education Loan Programs (HELP)

Currently Enrolled PELS Students: Students who are currently enrolled in a postgraduate coursework degree and incurred a PELS debt prior to 2005 will be able to access FEE-HELP based on the pre-2005 eligibility requirements for PELS until the end of 2008, or until they discontinue or complete their current course. However, from 1 January 2005, all students accessing FEE-HELP will be subject to the $50,000 FEE-HELP limit.

For further information about HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP please visit UniAdvice to obtain your copy of HECS-HELP Information 2005 booklet. Information is also available by calling 1800 020 108 or visit:
Postgraduate Coursework Commonwealth Supported Places -Equity/Target Based

UOW offers a limited number of Commonwealth Supported places across a number of fee-paying postgraduate coursework programs awarded under equity and/or targeted criteria. Students who meet this criteria may be eligible to apply for HECS- HELP.

Equity is primarily assessed in terms of financial disadvantage, and additional criteria are taken into account:

  • being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent
  • having a disability
  • living in a rural area (outside the Sydney, Newcastle or Wollongong metropolitan regions)
  • being from a non-English speaking background
  • being a women in a non-traditional area of study
  • low socio-economic status

Applicants must provide evidence of their total income from all sources such as income earned, partner's income, Centrelink payments or financial assistance from other family members. Generally, people whose single income exceeds $13000 or whose parental income exceeds $23500 are not considered eligible for a Commonwealth Supported equity place.

You will need to complete an Application for a Commonwealth Supported place in a Fee Paying Postgraduate Course and forward it and supporting documentation to the Student Central in Building 17G.

Closing dates for Applications:

Autumn session: January 31
Spring session: July 1

If you have any questions, please contact UniAdvice on 1300 367 869

Taxation Benefits

Self-education expenses incurred in a postgraduate program may be tax-deductible where they have a relevant connection to your income-earning activities.
If you take out a FEE-HELP loan for your tuition fees, you may be entitled to a tax deduction for the cost of your course fees, including that part the Commonwealth pays on your behalf.

Find out more about taxation benefits or call 13 28 61.


Research programs

UOW offers a number of scholarships for domestic research students. Please consult the Scholarships and Fellowships  website for detailed information.

For more information about research programs call 1300 367 869.

Other Financial Support 

Students can also apply for assistance from the Conference Travel Fund to attend a conference at which they will present a paper. Guidelines and application forms can be found online.

Students holding APA, UPA or APAI scholarships are entitled to a thesis binding allowance as a contribution towards the costs of production of the thesis. Award holders should check the conditions for the amount and reimbursement details.

Faculty and Departmental funds are also available to provide support to research students for various costs including workshop attendance, equipment and consumables. Students should discuss their resource requirements with their supervisor.

For more information visit:

Visit Prospective UOW Postgraduate information.


Last reviewed: 21 June, 2017