Current Students

FAQS for Current Students

Where can I get Current Student Scholarship Information?

You are able to access information regarding scholarship opportunities via the UOW Scholarships site.  Select the 'Future & Current (Coursework)' students button and you will  be directed to a search function.  You are able to search according to your individual needs  

Who should apply?

Each scholarship will clearly outline the eligibility criteria, it important that you familiarise yourself with the selection criteria.  Scholarship opportunities are available throughout the year we advise you to check the Scholarship site regularly.

How do I apply?

Applications for Current Student Scholarships are now ONLINE. After searching for current scholarships through the following link, click the 'Apply' button to register online and proceed through the application process.

If you have any questions regarding the online application process, please email for further assistance.

Each scholarship has its own eligibility criteria, please read carefully to ensure you address each criteria specific to the scholarship(s) you are applying for.

What is the closing date for applications?

Each scholarship has its own closing date which will be detailed in the advertising

What is the difference between a full-time and part-time student?

This is not a matter of day or night classes, but is determined by the number of credit points in which you enrol. For three-year degrees (144 credit degree programs), full-time students normally enrol in a total of 48 credit points annually which breaks down to 24 credit points per session. As a general rule anything less than 18 credit points per session is part-time. For any undergraduate degrees longer than three years (144 credit degree programs), please refer to the relevant faculty for further confirmation..

Are there conditions placed on the scholarships?

Yes, all UOW scholarships have conditions. Some scholarships are conditional on your academic progress; some depend on work experience performance, these conditions are detailed in the Scholarship Offer paperwork.  It is important to note that as part of your scholarship agreement you will give permission for the University to view your academic results and pass these results to your sponsoring organisation, if applicable.

How will I know my application has reached the Scholarship Office?

You will be notified by email within two weeks after the closing date. If you have not been contacted by this time, please contact the Scholarship Office on 02 4221 3159, or email

How will I know if I am a successful candidate?

Successful applicants will be contacted verbally with a formal scholarship offer letter and agreement posted to you. This offer letter and agreement will have the conditions for the scholarship that you will be required to maintain for the duration of the scholarship term.

Some scholarships will require an interview. If you are invited to attend an interview you will be contacted by the Scholarships Office and given interview details.

All scholarship applicants are ranked, so in the event that a successful applicant does not accept their offer, the next person on the list is made the offer.

Each application is assessed and if your application is unsuccessful you will be notified in writing.

Can I defer my UOW scholarship?

Generally no, however, some sponsors are willing to come to an arrangement if their students wish to join our Study Abroad program or need to take leave for special circumstances.

How many scholarships can I hold at one time?

At any one time, a UOW student may hold:- 

  • one scholarship from Category A
  • unlimited scholarships or grants from Category B and
  • one scholarship from Category C.

  Category A
Scholarships valued at greater than three thousand dollars ($3,000)
Category B
All Grants.

Scholarships up to and including a value of three thousand dollars ($3,000)

Category C

All work-integrated-learning scholarships

How will I be paid?

Scholarships are paid in two equal instalments each year, payments are made after census dates in both Autumn and Spring sessions. Students planning to use scholarship monies to pay upfront HECS please contact Undergraduate Scholarships Officer on

(02) 4221 3159 or at

Will I have to pay tax on my scholarship?

Most scholarships are not taxable; though UOW encourages each scholarship recipient to seek their own advice. Contact the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to find out if your scholarship is taxable or visit: and enter 'is your scholarship taxable' into the search engine.

Last reviewed: 27 September, 2016