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Date first approved:

26 October 2016

Date of effect:

26 October 2016

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October 2019

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University Council

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Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)



Manager, Co-curricular Learning & Recognition (UOWx)

Division & Unit:

Student Support & Education Analytics, UOWx

Supporting documents, procedures & forms of this procedure:

Co-curricular Recognition Policy (UOWx)

UOW Education Strategy 2016-2020

Privacy Policy

Student Conduct Rules

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy

Bullying Prevention Policy

Procedures for Investigating Grievances

Academic Integrity Policy

Relevant Legislation & External Documents:

Fair Work Act 2009


Public – accessible to anyone


1 Introduction / Background 4

2 Definitions 4

3 Scope & Purpose 4

4 Flowchart of Co-Curricular Workflow 5

5 Flowchart of UOWx Award Workflow 6

6 Flowchart of Community Volunteering Recognition Workflow 6

7 New UOW Co-curricular Activity Recognition Process 8

8 Recognition of Community Volunteering (Regional Campuses Only) 10

9 UOWx Recognised Activity Requirements 10

10 Student Involvement & Claims 12

11 Approval of Student Involvement 12

12 UOWx Recognition Documents 12

13 Reflective Piece 13

14 UOWx Documents 14

15 Resolving Complaints / Issues 14

16 Key Dates & Time Frames 16

17 Version Control Table 17

    1 Introduction / Background

      • 1. This Procedure provides UOW students, UOW staff, UOWx Activity Coordinators and UOWx Volunteering Providers with detailed information about the implementation of the Co-curricular Recognition Policy (UOWx).
      • 2. The Co-curricular Recognition Policy (UOWx) outlines the regulation of the Co-curricular Learning & Recognition Framework. The Co-curricular Recognition Procedure (UOWx) details all related processes, including:
        • a. Assessing UOW co-curricular activities and determining inclusion within the recognition framework, including resulting actions and requirements;
        • b. Claiming and approval of student involvement in approved activities;
        • c. Details of UOWx Award requirements; and
        • d. Recognition of community volunteering (for regional/metro campus students).
      • 3. This Procedure is intended to ensure clarity of the processes and responsibility of key stakeholders.

    2 Definitions

    Definitions relevant to this Procedure are detailed in section 2 of the Co-curricular Recognition Policy (UOWx).

    3 Scope & Purpose

      • 1. This procedure is intended to support the Co-curricular Recognition Policy (UOWx).
      • 2. This procedure applies to:
        • a. UOW staff involved in the oversight and administration of UOWx activities and the UOWx Co-curricular Recognition Framework;
        • b. UOW students; and
        • c. UOWx Activity Coordinators & UOWx Volunteering Providers.
      • 3. This procedure is applicable to all Australian UOW campuses.
      • 4. This procedure does not apply to the UOW College or to offshore students including, UOW Dubai.
      • 5. This procedure does not cover co-curricular involvement undertaken prior to January 2015.
      • 6. The first official UOWx document issuance will take place in conjunction with the graduation documents relating to the final conferral period of 2016.

    4 Image
    Flowchart of Co-Curricular Workflow

    5 Flowchart of UOWx Award Workflow


Flowchart of External Recognition (Community Volunteering & Workshops/Conferences/Seminars)

      1 New UOW Co-curricular Activity Recognition Process

      • 1. The UOWx Activity Eligibility Framework (see Co-curricular Recognition (UOWx) Policy) details the requirements that a co-curricular activity must meet to be recognised within the Co-curricular Recognition Framework.

Skills & Attributes

      • 2. The key competency areas identified in the UOWx Activity Eligibility Framework were developed through referencing the Australian Government Core Skills for Work Framework (2012), Graduate Careers Australia Employer Survey (2013) and Australian Association of Graduate Employers Survey (2013).
      • 3. A Activity Coordinator or UOWx Volunteering Provider must demonstrate that the activity meets the requirements outlined in the UOWx Activity Eligibility Framework.

Application Process

      • 4. The Activity Coordinator must complete the appropriate online application form for each co-curricular activity that they want to be considered for recognition (available on the UOWx Staff Intranet page). These forms enable co-curricular activity providers to substantiate how the activity they oversee is contributing to student learning and skills development and meets the UOWx Activity Eligibility Framework.
      • 5. A Volunteering Organisation must complete a Volunteering Agreement to have their organisation assessed for recognition. For each co-curricular activity that they want to be considered for recognition, they must complete a separate schedule to sit alongside the Volunteering Agreement. These forms enable co-curricular activity providers to substantiate how the activity they oversee is contributing to student learning and skills development and meets the UOWx Activity Eligibility Framework.
      • 6. Staff in the UOWx Unit will then review these applications. These staff review the information provided against the UOWx Activity Eligibility Framework and provide a recommendation to the UOWx Steering Committee whether the role appears to meet the requirements.
      • 7. For UOW-based activities:
        • a. If the activity appears to meet the requirements, the application for inclusion is put forward to the UOWx Steering Committee for endorsement. If the activity is approved by the
        • UOWx Steering Committee, the Activity Coordinator is notified and the activity is added to the directory of available opportunities on the UOWx website.. The Activity Coordinator will be asked to provide operational information about their activity to assist with planning at this time.
        • b. If the activity does not meet the requirements, the UOWx Staff will correspond with the Program Coordinator and either request the provision of further information, or advise that the role did not meet the stated requirements and is not eligible for recognition.
      • For community volunteering activities, an organisation must meet the following requirements to be eligible to be a UOWx Volunteering Provider:
        • b. Be either a school or be registered with the Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission;
        • c. Complete the Initial Volunteering Organisation Form and Volunteering Agreement;
        • d. Have in place the appropriate measures to cover volunteers, including:
          • Public Liability Insurance ($10M);
          • Personal Accident Insurance; and
          • Workplace Health and Safety policies and procedures and duty of care.
        • e. Demonstrate how the volunteer role is assisting students to progress in the key development areas identified in the UOWx Activity Eligibility Framework, as per the attached Schedule to the Volunteering Agreement and substantiated by the Student Application for Volunteering Recognition Form (available on the UOWx website);
        • f. Document the student’s volunteering involvement with their organisation (including dates, hours and student details) and provide a letter of verification to substantiate a student’s involvement in the activity.
      • 8. The UOWx Steering Committee will be responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on the inclusion of the Volunteering Activity under the Co-Curricular Learning & Recognition Framework to the DVC(A). The DVC(A) will be responsible for final approval of the Volunteering Activity to be recognised as part of the Co-Curricular Learning and Recognition Framework;

Changes to the Activity or Program

      • 1. If there are changes to an activity that impact the training, time commitment, development outcomes of the activity, name, application process or special requirements these must be provided in writing to the UOWx Unit at the earliest time possible. This will allow the Unit to ensure the role is updated and accurate in the UOWx records and online listing / description (where applicable). The activity may require re-approval on the basis of these changes.

Changes to the Activity Eligibility Framework

      • 1. The University reserves the right to implement changes to the UOWx Activity Eligibility Framework based on, but not limited to: change in industry terminology and graduate employability needs; evaluation outcomes; quality assurance and business improvement.
      • 2. The UOWx Unit will endeavour to provide a minimum of two months’ notice of any such changes to Activity Coordinators or Community Volunteering Providers.

Review and Revocation

      • 3. If the University of Wollongong or UOWx Unit finds that a Co-curricular Activity is not delivering the benefits or outcomes to students claimed in the application process, has student welfare concerns, or complaints and negative feedback are received which may damage the reputation of the University or co-curricular learning, the University will investigate this and may review the role in more detail.
      • 4. Feedback and complaints will be reviewed by the UOWx Unit on a case-by-case scenario and will be escalated to the UOWx Steering Committee appropriately.
      • 5. The University reserves the right to revoke Recognised Activity status at any time. The University may, but shall be under no obligation to, give reasons for this. Decision to revoke Recognised Program status will be made by the DVCA.
      • 6. Circumstances leading to revocation of Recognised Activity status may include but not be limited to:
        • a. Activity Coordinator breaching the Fair Work Act or any other State or Federal law;
        • b. Evidence of poor program experience/outcomes;
        • c. Non-adherence to University policy or procedures; and/or
        • d. Reputational damage to the University.

      2 Recognition of Community Volunteering (Regional/Metro Campuses Only)

      • 1. Regional/Metro campus students are eligible to be recognised for community volunteering activities within a recognised community organisation.
      • 2. Wollongong students are not currently recognised for community volunteering.
      • 3. The relationship in the engagement of a student in community volunteering is between the student and the Community Volunteering Organisation. The role of UOWx at the University of Wollongong is to recognise the volunteering transaction that has occurred through recognition on a student’s UOWx Record.
      • 4. A regional/metro campus student who is engaged in community volunteering and is seeking recognition must:
        • a. Engage in Community Volunteering for a minimum of 20 hours of the course of a calendar year;
        • b. Collect evidence of their engagement with a Community Volunteering Organisation through either maintenance of a logbook or a verification letter provided by the organisation;
      • 5. Submit an online claim requesting for their volunteering to be reviewed by UOWx staff and substantiate how their engagement has developed themselves according to the UOWx Activity Eligibility Framework. The UOW Unit will:
        • a. Review the online claim and conduct due diligence on the organisation and the students contribution through a verification checklist;
        • b. Correspond with the student regarding the outcome of the online claim and if successful, update the student’s UOWx Record to reflect their contribution.

    3 UOWx Recognised Activity Requirements

UOWx Actions

      • 1. When a decision about the inclusion of a co-curricular activity or volunteering application is finalised, UOWx Staff will contact the UOWx Activity Coordinator or UOWx Volunteering Providers and advise them of the outcome, including any feedback if the activity is unsuccessful.
      • 2. When on-campus activities are approved for inclusion the following will occur:
        • a. A UOWx web page about the activity is created (using the information provided in the application form);
        • b. The Activity is added to the online system and access is organised for the relevant Activity Coordinator
        • c. The Activity Coordinator is provided with training and the link to the UOWx Intranet Page and is advised of newsletter promotion opportunities.
      • 3. When community volunteering activities are approved for inclusion the following will occur:
        • a. The Community Volunteering Organisation and Activity will be added to the UOWx website;
        • b. The Community Volunteering Organisation will receive an executed copy of the agreement; and,
        • c. The Student will receive notification that the organisation has been recognised and will be supplied with a copy of the log book and verification letter.

Recognised Activity Actions – Student Communications, Involvement and Record Keeping

      • 4. When an on-campus program is included in UOWx, the Activity Coordinator is required to communicate about UOWx to currently involved students by:
        • a. Adding the UOWx Recognition Logo on their website;
        • b. Including the UOWx video in the training session for students and advising students that this is an optional opportunity and is not mandatory;
        • c. Sending email communication to students (with the link for students to indicate ) at the start of session advising them about UOWx; and
        • d.
      • 5. Activity Coordinators are also required to:
        • a. Attend UOWx Activity Coordinator meetings (to stay abreast of updates and changes, and engage in training opportunities);
        • b. Communicate with UOWx about issues or concerns.
        • c. Keep accurate records of student involvement including the student’s SOLS username or student number, the number of hours completed per date and whether the student has completed the training/induction.
            • i. For programs where the student is employed casually, the payroll records are sufficient.
            • ii. For programs involving a roster, the transferral of roster information into a single document is sufficient.
            • iii. For volunteer programs, a record of when the student was involved, including hours and dates and the student’s name should be compiled into a single document with details of all students.
      • 6. UOWx Volunteering Providers are required to:
        • a. Read and respond to any correspondence sent to them by UOWx (to stay abreast of updates and changes). This will be limited to important information only.;
        • b. Communicate with UOWx about issues or concerns; and
        • c. Keep accurate records of student involvement including the number of hours completed per date and whether the student has completed the training/induction. This is essential for auditing purposes.
      • 7. Regional/Metro Campus Managers are required to:
        • a. Attend UOWx Activity Coordinator meetings (to stay abreast of updates and changes, and engage in training opportunities);
        • b. Support UOWx by promoting co-curricular opportunities on their campus.

      4 Student Involvement & Claims

      • 1. Getting involved in UOWx recognised co-curricular activities
        • a. It is the responsibility of the student to apply for co-curricular opportunities using the UOWx website. They can view the activities which are grouped within each of the six categories: Global; Leadership; Creativity; Mentoring & Educational Engagement; Employability & Entrepreneurship; & Volunteering.
        • b. The student is then required to apply as per the instructions and contact details listed on the activity page under ‘How do I apply?’.
      • 2. Being recognised for their involvement in UOWx recognised co-curricular activities
        • a. All claims must be made using the UOWx online system.
        • b. Students must indicate that they wish for their co-curricular engagement to be recorded by UOWx by completing an online form.
        • c. At the completion of the co-curricular activity, the student must check that their co-curricular engagement is recorded correctly.

      5 Approval of Student Involvement

      • 1. Activity Coordinators are expected to approve student activity claims for recognition accurately by the key dates specified on the UOWx website.
      • 2. Activity Coordinators need to access the UOWx online system and review the student’s claims by cross-referencing the students engagement with their own records of the student’s involvement to confirm the accuracy of the claim.
      • If the student has met the minimum requirements of the activity, including the minimum hours and training the claim should be approved.
      • 3. Full details on Online System are provided on the UOWx Staff Intranet Page.

      6 UOWx Recognition Documents

Record Documentation

      • 1. Only what is approved within the system by the key dates specified will appear on the UOWx Record and count towards the UOWx Award. The University is not obliged to include anything approved after the designated cut-off dates.

Award Requirements

      • 2. The requirements for completing the UOWx Award are documented within Section 5 of the Co-curricular Recognition Policy.

Process for Determining Award Eligibility

      • 3. A student is able to view their progress toward the UOWx Award using the online system.
      • 4. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they have met the requirements of the UOWx Award.
      • 5. When the student has completed their activities and workshop/conference/seminar requirements, the student should ‘Apply’ for the UOWx Award via the online system.
      • 6. By applying for the award, a draft report of the student’s co-curricular involvement is generated and sent to the UOWx Unit for review.
      • 7. The UOWx Unit will review the record against the criteria set out in the Co-curricular Recognition Policy. Staff will use the checklist in the Appendices.
      • 8. If the student has met Award requirements, then UOWx will provide the student with information about how to submit their reflective piece.
      • 9. Reflective Piece submission and notification dates are outlined on the UOWx website.
      • 10. The Reflective Piece will be assessed by the UOWx Steering Committee and the student will be notified of the outcome.


      • 11. If a student is unsatisfied with the approval of their involvement; outcome of their award eligibility checking; or reflective piece review; the student may request further review of the decision by email to uowx@uow.edu.au within 5 working days of notification (and by the end of the final week of Session).
      • 12. Appeals received after the last week of Session may not be able to be resolved prior to the issuing of graduation documents. If this is the case the UOWx documentation issued to students with their graduation documents may be incorrect. If a student requires a corrected copy, they will need to forfeit to the University the incorrect copy issued.

      7 Reflective Piece


      • 1. To achieve the UOWx Award, a student is required to create a reflective piece.
      • 2. The reflective piece is subject to the same academic integrity and referencing guidelines required for academic work. Please refer to the University of Wollongong Academic Integrity Policy for further information.
      • 3. Students will be required to:
        • a. Provide a response to the reflective trigger questions
        • b. Submit a copy of their resume, linked in profile with a reference from their Activity Coordinator
        • c. Attend an interview with members from the UOWx Steering Committee.

      8 UOWx Documents

Issue & Recognition of UOWx Record and/or UOWx Award to Students

    • 1. As of November 2016, the UOWx Award and/or UOWx Record will be issued in conjunction with the UOW Official Academic Documents to students who have:
      • a. Completed their academic course; and
      • b. Have had their co-curricular involvement recorded and validated as per this policy.
    • 2. Students issued with the UOWx Award will be recognised by:
      • a. Receiving a certificate acknowledging their achievement; and
      • b. The inclusion of approved notation on their Australian Higher Education Statement (AHEGS).

Additional copies of the UOWx Record and UOWx Award

    • 3. Additional copies of the UOWx Record or UOWx Award can be purchased from Student Central. Students need to refer to the Student Charges page for information on applicable charges and apply for additional copies via the Student Forms & Documents page. 
    • 4. Students can, at any point, download a copy of their interim UOWx Record on the online system.

      9 Resolving Complaints / Issues

General Information

      • 1. The University has multiple policies and procedures relating to complaints and issues which it is required to comply with.
      • 2. Multiple units internal and external to UOW may be consulted in resolving complaints or issues. Some issues will be referred to other units for investigation and resolution in accordance with UOW policies.
      • 3. The University is required to disclose certain information to the Police under state and federal legislation. The University is obligated to comply with these requirements.

UOW Activities which are not UOWx Recognised Activities

      • 4. There are some valuable volunteering activities offered at the University of Wollongong and in the community which do not form part of the suite of UOWx recognised activities.
      • 5. If the activity that a student is involved in is not listed on the UOWx website, it may not have been recognised for a particular reason, or it may not have been submitted for inclusion and reviewed.
      • 6. In the first instance, the student should speak with the staff member involved with coordinating that particular activity about whether they know about UOWx and ask whether the activity has been reviewed for inclusion.
      • 7. If the activity does not have a staff member involved, they should contact UOWx directly.
      • 8. If the activity has been reviewed and not recognised for a particular reason, the staff member should explain to the student why it was not included. If they do not know the details they can refer the student to UOWx.
      • 9. If the activity has not been reviewed for inclusion, the staff member should refer to the UOWx Staff Intranet Page and follow the instructions under New Activity Recognition and Inclusion.
      • 10. If the staff member does not follow up with UOWx, the student can contact UOWx and advise of their interest in receiving recognition for a particular activity and the staff member’s details and UOWx will follow this up.

Activity is Different to the Initial Description

      • 11. If a student becomes involved in a UOWx recognised activity or community volunteering and finds that the involvement required of them, differs to the initial activity description provided, they should approach the Activity Coordinator in the first instance.
      • 12. If the student is not comfortable speaking with the Activity Coordinator or the concern is not adequately addressed, the student should notify a UOWx staff member of the issue.
      • 13. The UOWx staff member will endeavour to address the concern and resolve the situation within 15 working days or as per the requirements of other policies.
      • 14. Some issues may be referred to other areas of the University as required by UOW policies and procedures.

Disputes between students and activity coordinators / providers about recognition of involvement

      • 15. If a student claims their involvement via the online system and receives correspondence from the Program Coordinator stating that they do not believe the student has completed the hours claimed, the student should contact and communicate with the Activity Coordinator directly about this.
      • 16. If the student is unable to resolve their claim with the Activity Coordinator, the student should contact UOWx and submit a form “Claiming Hours Issue Form” (available on the UOWx website) outlining the details of what was claimed and what the issue was. UOWx will then follow this up directly on the student’s behalf.
      • 17. Activities are required to maintain records as set out in this document. These records may need to be referred to when resolving disputes.

Concerns about Fair Work Act

      • 18. Compliance with the Fair Work Act is a requirement of all UOWx activities.
      • 19. If a student is concerned that their rights under the Fair Work Act may be being breached, they should formalise their complaint by requesting a Student Complaint Form from: uow-complaints@uow.edu.au.

Assistance with sexual harassment & bullying

        If a student is involved in a UOWx recognised activity coordinated by the University and is being sexually harassed or bullied by a fellow participant, staff member or activity coordinator they should follow the guidelines on making a complaint as set out in the University of Wollongong’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy and/or Bullying Prevention Policy.

      10 Key Dates & Time Frames

      • 1. All key dates and timeframes for students will be listed on the UOWx website
      • 2. All key dates and timeframes for UOWx Activity Coordinators and UOW Staff, will be listed on the UOWx Staff Intranet Page
      • 3. Students must submit their final activity involvement claims according to the dates outlined on the UOWx website.
      • 4. ‘Current Year Course Completion’ dates are for students that have intentions to complete their course and graduate following the current session.
      • 5. The shorter time-frames for these students are essential to allow time for all processing and approval of these claims; review of reflective submissions for the UOWx Award; and eligibility checking to be completed to comply with Graduation procedure deadlines.
      • 6. University staff overseeing co-curricular activities and must approve or return claims according to dates outlined above.
      • 7. Programs are encouraged to validate involvement as quickly as possible to ensure student records are updated in a timely manner.

      11 Version Control Table

Version Control

Date Effective

Approved By



26 October 2016

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

First Version


24 March 20172017

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Second Version – amendments made according to continuous improvement.

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