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Date first approved:
4 December 2015

Date of effect:
4 December 2015

Date last amended:
(refer Version Control Table)

Date of Next Review:
December 2018

First Approved by:

University Council

Custodian title & e-mail address:

Director of Advancement community@uow.edu.au


Community Engagement Manager (CEM) and Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC)

Responsible Division & Unit:

Advancement Division

Supporting documents, procedures & forms of this policy:

Philanthropic Fundraising, Gift Acceptance and Recognition Policy
Marketing, Media and Communications Policy (Draft)
Use of the University Name by Third Parties Policy

Use of the University Name in Public Statements Policy

Delegations of Authority Policy

UOW Strategic Plan 2016-2020
Purchasing and Procurement Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Political Donations Procedure

Relevant Legislation & External Documents:

University of Wollongong Act 1989



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1. Purpose of Policy 2

2. Definitions 2

3. Application & Scope - Exclusions or Special Conditions 2

4. Community Sponsorship Principles 3

5. Roles & Responsibilities 3

6. Applications for Community Sponsorship 4

7. Version Control and Change History 4

    1. Purpose of Policy

      • 1. The University of Wollongong (UOW) aims to positively impact its multiple communities and play an active role in advancing and championing social, cultural, environmental and economic developments within its regional communities. The UOW Community Sponsorship Program underpins the institution’s commitment to social responsibility and citizenship by providing capacity building and support within regional communities. Types of community investment include (but are not limited to):
          • a. Donations;
          • b. Sponsorships;
          • c. In-kind support; and/or
          • d. Knowledge, skills and resources of academic and professional UOW staff.
      • 2. The purpose of the policy is to:
          • a. Provide a governing framework for the University of Wollongong’s community based sponsorship initiatives; and
          • b. Provide a structured approach to the provision of in-kind or financial contributions through agreements between UOW and external parties to ensure that expectations between parties are clear and appropriately managed.

    2. Definitions




Community Sponsorship

A transaction between the University of Wollongong and an individual, group or organisation whereby financial or other assistance is provided by the University towards the production of goods, services, activities or events.

Community Sponsorship can also be In-Kind.


In-kind support provides non-financial support such as expertise, presenters, facilities or equipment.

External Audience

Individuals who are not current staff, students or volunteers of the University of Wollongong

Internal Audience

Individuals who are staff, students or volunteers of the University of Wollongong

    3. Application & Scope - Exclusions or Special Conditions

    • This policy relates to all applications to the University for funding from central budget allocations.


    • This Policy does not apply to student recruitment, retention initiatives or marketing, or the UOW Marketing, Media and Communications Policy. Examples may include but are not limited to advertising campaigns, media partnerships, sponsorship of high school awards and prizes.
    • The Policy does not apply to faculty and unit initiatives including academic conferences, lectures, presentations, student marketing, recruitment and retention.
    • The Policy excludes philanthropic gifts, bequests and contributions by an external organisation or individual to the University, which are covered in the UOW Philanthropic Fundraising, Gift Acceptance and Recognition Policy.
    • This Policy does not apply to political donations. Please refer to the Political Donations Procedure for further directions on political donations.

    4. Community Sponsorship Principles

    • 1. Community Sponsorship opportunities will be considered and evaluated using a shared value approach. Applications for Community Sponsorship including sponsorship will be reviewed and assessed on a case-by-case basis, against established criteria. The shared value approach may include considerations such as:
          • a. Community Sponsorship that further, mutually beneficial collaborations which enhance reputation, build goodwill and provide opportunities to advance relationships with the community.
          • b. Community Sponsorship that demonstrate value for money and clear outcomes including recognition by partners, demonstrated impact of financial investment, and clear performance measures.
          • c. Whether the Community Sponsorship has regional significance.
    • 2. These considerations will be reflected in an operational framework which may include (but is not limited to):
          • a. Formalised agreements that outline key deliverables; and
          • b. Evaluative processes including review of outcomes.
    • 3. Where Community Sponsorship is requested it must, at a minimum, demonstrate:
          • a. Consistency with UOW’s values, goals and objectives, activities and/or events as identified within the UOW Strategic Plan;
          • b. Value and impact including acknowledgement of collaboration, audience coverage and measurable outcomes; and
          • c. Opportunities for education, and/or research, and/or staff and/or student engagement;
          • d. Capacity for sound financial management;
          • e. An appropriate plan and outcomes;
          • f. Capacity of the organisation to deliver the proposed outcomes; and
          • g. Community support, interest or involvement.

    5. Roles & Responsibilities

    • 1. The Advancement Division / Director, Advancement Division:
          • a. Is responsible for managing and administering the central Community Sponsorship funding.
          • b. Will be the first point of contact and will manage enquiries regarding centrally funded Community Sponsorship requests.
          • c. Is responsible to relationship manage any partnerships entered into on behalf of the University or, where applicable, to identify an appropriate UOW delegate to lead the management of collaborations.
          • d. Is responsible for reporting and maintaining records of allocated funding and requests.
          • e. Will provide executive support to the Community Investment Steering Group (CISG).
          • f. Will assess requests and allocate funds where the amount requested falls within the delegated range i.e. less than $15,000.00.
    • 2. The Community Investment Steering Group:
          • a. Will be comprised of members as set out in the Terms of Reference (refer Appendix 1).
          • b. Will assess requests based on outlined principles (see section four).
          • c. Will make recommendations to the Chair (CAO), who makes the final decision.
    • 3. All UOW Staff:
        • a. All UOW Staff have a responsibility to inform themselves of and understand the Community Investment Policy and processes and where relevant refer enquiries to the Advancement Division.

    6. Applications for Community Sponsorship

    • 1. Applications for Community Sponsorship are to be submitted on the appropriate proforma, to the Advancement Division (AD) for consideration and approval. Applications will, at the discretion of the AD be referred to the CISG.
    • 2. In the case of renewal requests, these applications are not guaranteed and will require the applicant to resubmit an application. Sponsorship may be one off or annual.
  • Eligibility:
    • 3. Applications that are ineligible for Community Sponsorship include:
          • a. Proposals that do not reflect UOW’s core values.
          • b. Organisations, activities and/or events that promote alcohol, drug or tobacco consumption or gambling.
          • c. Organisations, individuals and/or activities that are discriminatory or offensive.
          • d. Retrospective applications.
          • e. Proposals for support of one off events or inaugural events unless of strategic importance to University of Wollongong.
          • f. Organisations or events for a political purpose.
    • 4. The University reserves the right to reject applications.
    • 5. The University may, but shall be under no obligation to, give reasons for not approving applications.
    • 6. The University reserves the right to terminate Community Sponsorships in full, in the event of the sponsored party engaging in any unlawful or unethical activities, or any action that contravenes University policies or standards or which may adversely impact the University’s events, programs, services or reputation. The determination whether, and to what extent Community Sponsorship is withdrawn shall be made solely at the discretion of the University.

    7. Version Control and Change History

Version Control

Date Effective

Approved By



4 December 2015

University Council

First Version.


22 November 2016


Changes to the membership of the Community Investment Steering Group as outlined in the Committee Terms of Reference.


The Community Investment Steering Group (CISG) is an advisory group to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and shall:

      • Develop guidelines and criteria to allow appropriate assessment of the University of Wollongong’s key community investments and collaborations;

      • Ensure guidelines and criteria are applied consistently to potential and current investments and collaborations;

      • Ensure that community investments and collaborations are supported by formal agreements as appropriate;

      • Make recommendations to the CAO in relation to funding for the University of Wollongong’s investments in community and sponsorships;

      • Decide upon reporting mechanisms and communication channels which will promote UOW’s commitment to community investments and collaborations; and

      • Engender a “whole of institution” approach and framework to community investments and collaborations.


Membership of the CISG shall consist of:

      • Chief Administrative Officer (Chair) (ex officio);

      • Director, Advancement Division (ex officio);

      • Director, Financial Operations (ex officio);

      • Director of Regional Campuses and Diversity (ex officio);

      • Two Associate Deans Education, Research or International as appointed by the Chair; and

      • Community Engagement Manager, Advancement Division (ex officio).

Wherever possible, a diversity of genders should be represented on the Committee.

Wherever possible, membership of the committee will include Indigenous representation.


Each member’s role on the CISG includes attending regular meetings. Additional working parties or groups may be formed when the need arises to investigate an issue or topic in-detail. Additional face-to-face meetings or online engagement may be required from time to time.

Appointments are for a two year period and will be appointed by the Chair.


CISG will meet quarterly for duration of approximately two hours. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair. Committee Members are required to be prepared for each meeting, having read the documentation in advance, and to make reasonable effort to attend each meeting.


The members of the CISG will work under the principles of confidentiality and will work towards supporting the strategic goals of the University of Wollongong.


Agendas and associated documentation will be distributed five working days prior to the meeting, via email.

Except with the express permission of the Chair, late agenda items will not be accepted. All agenda items must be submitted to the Executive Officer no later than ten working days prior to the forthcoming meeting.

Minutes for each Committee meeting will be prepared. The draft minutes and action sheet of each meeting will be reviewed by the Chair and circulated to all Committee Members, by the Executive Officer as soon as practicable. A copy of the minutes, once they have been reviewed by the Chair, will be included in the agenda papers for the next Committee meeting.

Support for the Committee will come from the Advancement Division and Executive Officer services will be provided by the Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC). Comments and questions about the CISG may be directed to community@uow.edu.au or phone (02) 4252 8889.


A quorum for the committee meeting is defined as five Committee Members. Where attention is drawn to a loss of quorum, the meeting may be adjourned until such time as the Chair may determine.

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