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Date first approved:

2 December 2011

Date of effect:

March 2012

Date last amended:
4 December 2015

Date of Next Review:

December 2018

First Approved by:

University Council

Custodian title & e-mail address:

Senior Manager, Governance


Senior Manager, Governance

Responsible Division & Unit:

Governance Unit, Governance and Legal Division

Supporting documents, procedures & forms of this policy:

Nominations Committee Terms of Reference

Relevant Legislation & External Documents:

University of Wollongong Act (1989)

University of Wollongong By-law (2005)

University Governing Bodies Act (2011)


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1 Purpose of Rules

  • 1. The purpose of the Rules is to specify the constitution of the University of Wollongong Council (the Council) in accordance with the provisions of the University of Wollongong Act (1989) and amended by the governing body membership provisions set out in the NSW Universities Governing Bodies Act (2011) adopted by Council in December 2011.

2 Definitions

  • 1. The following are definitions that are specific to the University Council Constitution Rules:



Appointed member

A Council appointed member or a Ministerially appointed member.


The governing body of the University of Wollongong

Elected member

The elected members of Council are as follows: 1 postgraduate student, 1 undergraduate student, 2 academic staff members, 1 professional services staff member and 1 graduate member elected onto Council by their respective constituencies.


The University of Wollongong Act (1989)

UOW By-Law

The University of Wollongong By-law (2005)

3 Application and Scope

  • 1. These Rules apply to the membership of the University of Wollongong Council.

4 Constitution of Council

  • 1. Section 8B of the UOW Act provides that the Council is to include the following membership categories:
        • a. official members,
        • b. elected members,
        • c. Council appointed members,
        • d. Ministerially appointed members.

Official members:

  • 1. In accordance with Section 8H of the UOW Act there are three (3) official members of the University Council:
        • a. The Chancellor
        • b. The Vice-Chancellor
        • c. The Presiding Member of the Academic Senate

Elected members:

  • 1. In accordance with Sections 8D and 8E of the UOW Act, there shall be six (6) elected members of the University Council:
        • a. One undergraduate student member elected by undergraduate students as defined in Clause 13 of the UOW By-law.
        • b. One postgraduate student member elected by postgraduate students as defined in Clause 14 of the UOW By-law.
        • c. Two academic staff members elected by academic staff member as defined in Clause 11 of the UOW By-law.
        • d. One non-academic staff member elected by non-academic staff members as defined in Clause 12 of the UOW By-law.
        • e. One graduate member elected by UOW graduates as defined in Clause 15 of the UOW By-law.
  • 1. Schedule 1 of the UOW By-law sets out the election procedures relating to elected members of the University Council.

Council appointed members:

  • 2. In accordance with Section 8F of the UOW Act, there shall be six (6) Council appointed members.

Ministerially appointed members:

  • 3. In accordance with Section 8G of the UOW Act, there shall be two (2) Ministerially appointed members.
  • 4. Clause 16 of the UOW By-law sets out the nomination procedures relating to appointed members of the University Council.

5 Terms of Office

  • 1. The terms of office for Council members are set out in Section 9 of the UOW Act and Clause 20 of the UOW By-law.

6 Casual Vacancies

  • 1. Clauses 17-18 of the UOW By-law set out the provisions relating to the filling of casual vacancies that arise in the membership of the University Council.

7 Version Control and Change History

Version Control

Date Effective

Approved By



In conjunction with the Ministerial Order amending the UOW Act with new governance provisions

University Council

First Version


22 June 2012

University Council

Consequential amendments following the enactment of the revised UOW Act and UOW By-law in March 2012.


4 December 2015

University Council

Reduction of two members of Council being one Council appointed member and one member elected by graduates as approved by a two thirds majority of Council in accordance with the requirements of the UOW Act (1989).

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