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Date first approved:
16 April 2010

Date of effect:
16 April 2010

Date last amended
(refer Version Control Table):
13 November 2015

Date of Next Review:
1 March 2016

First approved by:

University Council

Custodian title & e-mail address:

Senior Manager, Governance, governance@uow.edu.au


Senior Manager, Governance

Responsible Division & Unit:

Governance Unit, Governance and Legal Division

Supporting documents, procedures & forms of this policy:

Code of Practice – Research
Commercial Activities Guidelines

Commercial Research Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Delegations of Authority Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Marketing, Media and Communications Policy

Use of the University Name in Public Statements Policy

References & Legislation:

University of Wollongong Act 1989



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1 Purpose of Policy

  • 1. The policy stipulates how the University of Wollongong’s name can be used by third parties, particularly in conjunction with commercial activities undertaken.

2 Definitions



Commercial Activities

    (a) any activity engaged in by or on behalf of a company or person for commercial purposes, and

    (b) any other activity comprising the promotion of, establishment of or participation in any partnership, trust, company or other incorporated body, or joint venture, by or on behalf of the University, that is for the time being declared by the Commercial Activities Guidelines to be a commercial activity.

Third parties

    (a) Individuals who are not current staff or students of the University.

    (b) Entities that are not formally associated with the University, including incorporated entities within and external to the University.

University Name

The University’s name and all abbreviations and derivations of that name, including brand marks, trade marks and logos. It also includes the names and logos of University subordinate operations.

3 Application & Scope

  • 1. This policy relates to the permitted uses of the University’s name (including all abbreviations and derivatives and brand marks or logos) by third parties including for commercial purposes or benefits.
  • 2. Information about the use of the University name and logo for use by the University and its subsidiaries is contained in the Production of Marketing Materials and Use of University Brand Policy which includes the use of the University’s name in relation to marketing or sponsorship activities and student recruitment (domestic and international).
  • 3. All significant commercial activities undertaken by the University must be approved in accordance with the University of Wollongong Act (1989), the Delegations of Authority Policy and with the Commercial Activities Guidelines.
  • 4. In addition to the requirements of this policy, the use of the University’s name in relation to commercial research activities must be in accordance with the University’s Commercial Research Policy and Guidelines.
  • 5. Where research or partial research results are being published, researchers should ensure they follow the relevant policies/guidelines before using the University’s name in such publications. These policies and guidelines include:
      • UOW Commercial Research Policy;
      • Intellectual Property Policy; and the
      • Code of Practice – Research.
  • 6. The use of the University’s name in conjunction with approved scholarships, prizes and awards are excluded from the scope of this policy.

4 Use by Subsidiaries and Affiliated Associations of the University

  • 1. Wholly-owned subsidiaries of the University are entitled to use the University name.
  • 2. Affiliated associations of the University, such as student associations, clubs and societies may only use the University name, including the University brand marks or logos, with the written permission of the Vice-Chancellor or the Chief Administrative Officer and such use must be consistent with any conditions imposed in the approval.
  • 3. These organisations may not, under any circumstance, authorise use of the University name by a third party.

5 Use by Third Parties

  • 1. All requests from third parties to use the University name must be directed to the Chief Administrative Officer. Normally such requests will be made by an Executive Dean or Director of the University after discussions with the third party.
  • 2. All requests from third parties to use the University name will be subject to an evaluation which assesses:
        • a. the commercial value to the third party that might arise from its use of the University name;
        • b. an assessment of the risks to the University, including but not limited to the financial and reputational risks, that might arise if the University were to agree to the request;
        • c. the duration of the permission for use of the University name being sought ie one off use or regular use;
        • d. the nature and character of benefits to the University from granting permission.
  • 3. Following such an evaluation, the University will determine:
        • a. whether authorisation should be granted;
        • b. the fee, if any, that should be charged by the University;
        • c. any other conditions that should be imposed.
  • 4. Generally, a request from a third party for use of the University name will not be approved unless there is a clearly defined benefit to the University.
  • 5. The University’s name may not be used or displayed by any external party without the prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor or the Chief Administrative Officer.
  • 6. Approval may be granted for a single time use or for a fixed term but may not be approved for perpetual use.
  • 7. All authorisations of the University name for use by third parties under this policy shall be reported to the Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee of the University Council in the regular Commercial Activities report.
  • 8. The University reserves the right to take legal action against any party who uses the University name without authorisation or in a manner which is inconsistent with an authorisation.

6 Advice and Assistance

  • 1. Advice and assistance on the appropriateness of using the University’s name can be obtained from the following officers:
      • For Commercial activities by Third Parties: Chief Finance Officer
      • For commercialisation matters: Managers of Innovation and Commercialisation
      • For commercial research matters: Director, Innovation and Commercial Research, Commercial Research Manager, Tender Manager
      • For promotional, sponsorship, fundraising and student recruitment materials: Director, Advancement Division or the Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing and Communications.
  • 2. Where doubt exists about the appropriateness of any request from an external party to use the University’s name, the matter should be discussed with the Vice-Chancellor or the Chief Administrative Officer.
  • 3. UOW staff should report any suspected unauthorised use of the University Name to their Executive Dean or Director or to the Chief Administrative Officer.

7 Version Control and Change History

Version Control

Date Effective

Approved By



16 April 2010

University Council

First Version


4 April 2012

Vice-Principal (Administration)

Minor amendments arising from Policy Review Procedures, 6.1


4 March 2013

Vice-Principal (Administration)

Deputy Vice Principal (Finance & IT) replaced with Chief Finance Officer.


11 September 2013

Chief Administrative Officer

Updated to reflect title change from VP(A) to CAO and from Corporate Governance Unit to Governance Unit.


13 November 2015

Chief Administrative Officer

‘Administrative Committee’ updated to ‘Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee’.

‘Director, Development and Engagement, Community and Partnerships’ renamed ‘Director, Advancement Division’.

‘National Marketing Manager’ and ‘International Marketing Manager’ renamed ‘Senior Manager, Strategic Marketing and Communications’.

‘Director, Commercial Research’ renamed ‘Director, Innovation and Commercial Research’.

Reference to ‘Dean’ updated to ‘Executive Dean’.

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