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17 Feb 2012

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17 Feb 2012

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25 March 2015

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25 Feb 2018

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Chief Administrative Officer

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Manager Professional & Organisational Development Services



Faculty Executive Manager, Business

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Professional, Organisational & Development Services
Human Resources Division

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Rosemary Cooper Award nomination form HRD-POD-FRM-068

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1 Introduction

  • 1. The Rosemary Cooper Award is in honour of the late Rosemary Cooper. Rosemary was a graduate of the University and worked in the Faculty of Commerce from 1991 to 2011. Although Rosemary had a disability, this did not impede her ability to perform at the highest possible level of professionalism, accuracy and detail. She was an outstanding employee in all respects and an exemplary role model for all staff of the University. Rosemary displayed drive and commitment to overcome physical challenges while still excelling in her role.
  • 2. The award recognises the achievement of a staff member who has overcome significant personal barriers in their employment and career or a staff member who has made a significant contribution in supporting staff or students overcome such barriers. This may be for example:
        • a. disability;
        • b. low social and economic background; or
        • c. other significant barriers.
  • 3. Above all, the recipient of the award must be a dedicated employee displaying a positive attitude and fostering a collegial work environment.
  • 4. This annual award has a value of $1,000 and will be presented at the Vice Chancellor’s Awards Ceremony.

2 Scope / Purpose

  • Staff will be eligible if they:
        • a. are employed on at least a 50% fractional basis;
        • b. are a member of the University or its subsidiaries, UOWE, UniCentre or URAC;
        • c. have not have previously received the award; and
        • d. have been employed at UOW for at least two years.

3 Criteria

  • The Award recognises successful contribution to the University with an emphasis on fostering collegiality and overcoming barriers. The criteria includes:
        • e. a focus on an individual’s ability to overcome personal challenges in their employment or career, or demonstration that the staff member or team has made a significant contribution towards improvement for staff or students who are disadvantaged and confronted with personal challenges;
        • f. a role model for other staff and students;
        • g. demonstration that the services and assistance provided are recognised by their colleagues with evidence of outstanding professionalism beyond the normal expectations of that staff members role;
        • h. demonstration of a substantial contribution to the development of a positive influence in their work environment; or
        • i. a commitment to enhancing the reputation of the University and benefits achieved.

4 Nominations

  • 1. A nomination may be made by any three appropriate people. No more than two of the nominators may be from the nominees’ own Unit/Department/School/. No more than one nominator may be an external client, i.e.: from outside the University, and they must have a demonstrated affiliation with the University. Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • 2. The nomination will be made on the appropriate form. The Primary Nominator must provide a description of the achievement, of at least one half page and indicate the reason/s for the nomination in the required format. Reasons for the nomination must be provided, from the second and third nominator. One form only will be accepted for each group of nominators. The Primary Nominator must take responsibility for obtaining statements and signatures from the other two nominators (these statements and signatures may be attached to the nomination form). The nominee also has the opportunity to make a comment on his/her nomination. It is the responsibility of the Primary Nominator to obtain the nominee's input.
  • 3. Nominations should be forwarded by the Primary Nominator to the nominee's Executive Dean/Director to provide a comment on the submission for the Committee’s consideration. This should include a statement of verification and general comments on the significance of the achievement to the Unit/Department/School and to the University. The Executive Dean/Director should address the criteria as listed on the form. The Executive Dean/Director may delegate this submission to the respective Manager/Head of School.

5 Procedure

  • 1. Once the nomination is completed and the form has been forwarded to the Dean/Director, the Primary Nominator should advise the Rewards and Incentives Coordinator that the nomination has been made.
  • 2. The completed form should then be forwarded to the Rewards and Incentives Coordinator, Human Resources Division by the designated closing date. Incomplete or late nominations will not be accepted. Nominations will normally be invited two months before the closing date. However, nominations may be submitted any time before this.
  • 3. Nomination forms can be obtained from the VC Awards website - http://www.uow.edu.au/about/vcawards/index.html .

Decision Making

  • 4. The awards will be decided by the committee that determines the Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Outstanding Service. The Executive Dean Business and the Chair, EED Committee (or nominee) will be included in the considerations for this Award The Committee will make a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor. There is no appeal of either the committee’s recommendations or the Vice Chancellor’s determination.

6 Roles & Responsibilities

  • 1. The Award will be administered by Professional and Organisational Development Services (PODS) Human Resources Division.

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17 February 2012

Director, Human Resources Division

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6 March 2015

Director Human Resources

Scheduled review; extending criteria to include academic staff; incorporating changes to EED.

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