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Internal Review by UOW

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (“GIPA Act”) sets out details for the review of decisions by UOW.

If you are aggrieved by one or more of the decisions made by UOW, you are entitled to a review of the decision by UOW.

Please complete the Internal Review Application Form.

Please note: UOW will not review a decision that has been the subject of a review by the Information Commissioner or the Administrative Decisions Tribunal.  

Time frame

You must apply for an internal review of a decision within 20 working days after UOW has given you notice of the decision.

Conduct of internal review

UOW will conduct an internal review by making a new decision on your application as if the original decision had not been made.

The review will not be done by the Right to Information Officer (“RIO”) who made the original decision but will be done by another RIO who is at the same or higher level of seniority.


A fee of $40 is payable if you apply for an internal review (except where the decision was a refusal to deal with the application).

No processing charges will be incurred for an internal review.

Review Period

UOW will make its decision on an internal review and give you notice of its decision within 15 working days after UOW receives the application for internal review. This period made be extend by up to 10 working days if UOW needs to consult with a person who has not previously been consulted.

No further internal review

You are not entitled to an internal review of a decision made on the internal review

Last reviewed: 28 January, 2011

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