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Date approved:

1 January 1975

Date Policy will take effect:

1 January 1975

Date of Next Review:

January 2014

Approved by:

University Council

Custodian title & e-mail address:

Director, Library Services


Archivist, University Archives

Responsible Faculty/ Division & Unit:

University Archives, University Library

Supporting documents, procedures & forms of this policy:

University Archives – Guidelines for Identifying Archival Records Subject to Permanent Retention

Reference & Legislation:

State Records Act, 1998 (NSW)
Records Management Policy


Public – accessible to anyone

Expiry Date of Policy:

Not applicable


1 Purpose of Policy

  • 1. This policy outlines the aims and objectives of the University of Wollongong Archives. The University Archives is a unit of the University Library.

2 Definitions


Definition (with examples if required)


The non-current records of an organisation, institution or individual that have been appraised and selected for preservation because they have continuing or permanent value. In the case of the University, this value may be for administrative, legal, scientific, research and/or historical use. Archival records may comprise a range of formats - paper, audiovisual, digital, artefacts etc.

archival records

As above.


The process of determining which records need to be kept, and for how long, in order to fulfil business, research or other identified requirements.


The preservation of archival records in hard copy and/or digital format.

University Archives

The organisation/administrative unit of the University Library responsible for managing archival records.

3 Application & Scope

  • 1. A University Archives Policy was adopted by the inaugural University Council on 1 January 1975. This policy was subsequently updated and amended by Council on 25 June 1982. This current policy replaces all previous University Archives policies.

4 Primary Role of the University Archives

  • 1. The primary role of the University Archives is:
        • a. to identify, collect and help preserve archival records documenting the corporate and social history of the University, contributing towards efficient and effective knowledge management; and
        • b. to facilitate access to University and other archival collections, supporting the University's present and future teaching, learning and research needs.

5 Acquisition and Collection Management

  • 1. The University Archives will identify, collect, preserve and/or advise on the preservation of the archival records of the administrative and academic units of the University.
  • 2. The University Archives will acquire and preserve the records of individuals and organisations associated with the University, within applicable collection guidelines and available capacity.
  • 3. The University Archives will acquire and preserve the records of individuals, and of private and public organisations for use in the present and future teaching and research programs of the University, within applicable collection guidelines and available capacity.
  • 4. Donations accepted by the University Archives will be on the understanding that ownership and control of the records will be transferred to the University, unless otherwise negotiated.
  • 5. The University Archives reserves the right to refuse or dispose of records that, upon appraisal by the Archivist, are determined to be of insufficient value to the Archives, or which the Archives is not resourced to acquire and manage. Disposal of archival records will be carried out in compliance with relevant legislation and/or applicable archival standards and guidelines.

6 Access and Information/Reference Services

  • 1. The University Archives will provide custodial management and reference services for such non-current records of the University, and other archival collections, as may be acquired by the University Archives, in compliance with relevant legislation and/or applicable archival standards and guidelines.
  • 2. The University Archives will organise, classify (list) and index records held in the University Archives.
  • 3. As far as practicable, and subject to any obligations to donors and restrictions imposed by donors, the University Archives will make available the records preserved in the University Archives for the purpose of teaching, learning, academic and/or personal research, to members of the University and the wider community.
  • 4. Access to archival records held in the University Archives requires the approval of the Archivist or the Director, Library Services.

7 Promotion and Education

  • 1. The University Archives will produce finding aids and other material concerning the University Archives and its collections, and make this information available to clients in appropriate print and/or digital formats.
  • 2. The University Archives will promote an awareness of the need to preserve archival records suitable for use in the teaching and research programs of the University and those archival records which reflect the development and history of the University.
  • 3. The University Archives will promote academic and research use of the University Archives.
  • 4. The University Archives will provide information literacy programs in locating and using archival material.

8 Roles & Responsibilities

  • 1. The University Archives Policy is the responsibility of the University Library.
  • 2. The University Records Management Policy, which makes reference to the University Archives Policy, is the responsibility of the Enterprise Content Management Unit of the Academic Registrar’s Division.

9 Version Control and Change History

Version Control

Date Effective

Approved By



1 January 1975

University Council

First Version


25 June 1982

University Council

Policy amended and updated


28 October 2008

Administrative Committee

Policy amended and updated. Document reformatted to comply with new University policy document template


6 May 2009

Vice-Principal (Administration)

Migrated to UOW Policy Template as per Policy Directory Refresh


9 March 2010

Vice-Principal (Administration)

Future review date identified in accordance with Standard on Policy


31 January 2011

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Review by Policy Custodian.

No changes required and new review date set.


4 November 2013

Chief Administrative Officer

Updated to reflect title change from University Librarian to Director, Library Services.

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