Image of Tammy Small, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Leadership at UOW

Tammy Small

Tammy Small

Tammy Small (family name Gordon) is a proud Wiradjuri woman. She is first in her family to complete her HSC and continue onto tertiary education completing her Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts with a specialisation in Secondary Social Science Teaching in Higher Education sector.

Tammy is an experienced university professional and academic, with a proven record of providing exceptional information and support to a wide range of stakeholders. With over a decade of experience working alongside University stakeholders, business and organisations to develop and facilitate purpose fit ‘right ways’ consultation frameworks. Her experiences with project, strategy and policy management have helped shape her standpoint and approach when planning to support operationalising organisational agility to respond to new and emerging realities faced by Indigenous peoples.

Tammy has held numerous roles in higher education settings including Manager of Student Advancement, Indigenous Employment Coordinator, Academic Engagement, Tertiary Educator (Lecturer/tutorial teacher in Aboriginal Education and Contemporary Issues- core course for all Teaching students). Tammy has worked in a consultancy capacity where she worked collaborative with Ernst & Young to review and evaluate the impact, actions and trends of Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP) from businesses and organisations throughout Australia.

Tammy has a passion for writing and is currently collaborating with academics from multiple universities to produce two chapters in a book called Delivering Inclusive Learning which will published by Cambridge University Press in December 2024. Tammy has also been a member of the AIATSIS Research Ethics Committee since 2021.